Revêtement de sol de cuisine qui résistera à l’épreuve du temps.

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From colors and patterns to form and function, there are many considerations when deciding on your kitchen flooring type and style.

kitchen floor tile

Of course, the floor in the kitchen has constant wear and must be durable. However, floors that are durable can be beautiful too.

Kitchen Flooring: Types and Styles

Kitchen Flooring: Types and Styles

The best flooring for kitchen design is durable, functional and beautiful.

  • Tile flooring – This type of flooring includes ceramic and porcelain tiles. It is a more cost-effective option than natural stone or hardwood, but, like these, it is long-lasting. There is also a wide array of styles in kitchen tile flooring. 
  • Hardwood floors – Wood floors in kitchen design have a long history. This flooring is always a classic choice that is long-lasting. Further, wood flooring complements many kitchen designs from modern to farmhouse.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl kitchen flooring is one of the least expensive options for kitchen floors. In recent years, vinyl floors have a more sophisticated look and can mimic stone tile or wood. This flooring is not as durable as other options.
  • Linoleum – This type of kitchen floor is a natural alternative to vinyl. It is made from linseed oil and cork particles. It is popular in retro kitchens.
  • Cork – Cork flooring works well in the kitchen because it is softer than other woods or tile. Therefore, it is less stressful to the body while standing for long periods of time. Cork floors have a warm and textured appearance that is similar to wood floors. It is also noise resistant which is important in a busy place like the kitchen.
  • Natural stone tiles – This is a luxe option for kitchen floors tiles. It includes tiles like marble, sandstone, and granite. However, while natural stone is a long-lasting floor, it can crack if something heavy is dropped on it. It also needs to be resealed to maintain a durable finish.
  • Bamboo – Many people confuse bamboo with hardwood flooring, but bamboo floors are a hardened grass rather than wood. This type of flooring is great if you are looking for an eco-friendly option with the look of hardwood. It has more durability, water-resistance, and is more cost-effective than hardwood floors. 

Caring for Kitchen Floors

Caring for Kitchen Floors

Taking care of your kitchen floors is one of the most important factors in their longevity and appearance over time. Each type of kitchen floor has different care needs. 

  • Tile, vinyl, and linoleum floors – Caring for tile floors is straightforward. Vacuum to keep dust from accumulating. Mop with warm water and a little bit of cleaner when deeper cleaning is necessary. Wash textiles like the kitchen floor mat when needed. 
  • Wood and natural fiber floors – Clean up spills when they occur and vacuum to keep dirt to a minimum. Use floor pads under any furniture to minimize scratching. When they need a deeper clean, mop with warm water and light wood soap or vinegar. Make sure that the mop is wrung out well because it is not good to have standing water on wood floors. Refinish when needed. 
  • Natural stone floor – Vacuum to minimize dirt and dust. Mop when needed with warm water and light soap. Use a sealer about every 6 months to add a protective layer to the floors. 
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Kitchen Floor Ideas to Consider

There are many amazing kitchen floor ideas with unique style and design. We have gathered some of the best for you to be inspired by design possibilities for your own home.

Neutral kitchen floor tile

Neutral kitchen floor tile

This rectangular tile shape is a traditional choice for kitchen floor tile. These large tiles in a beautiful natural color set the foundation for this crisp space. We love the white, cottage flair surrounding the room and how it feels both luxurious as well as a place a family can enjoy being together.

Polished natural stone floor tiles

Marble Kitchen Floor Tile

Black and white is always a classic choice and marble is one of the top material choices for a kitchen makeover. It has a wide selection of patterns and shade options and elevates the style of any room. You will find that it is more expensive than other tile choices, but many consider it worth the extra cost.

Eclectic spirit

Patchwork kitchen floor

Goodnova-Godiniaux created this unique kitchen. It is eclectic and interesting without straying too far from the simplicity of the kitchen’s overall vision. Rather, the colorful tiles work well to balance out the neutral tones of the walls and wood flooring.

Colorful floor tile

kitchen floor tile

This yellow chess tile floor featured on Trendir is so unexpected. This kind of floor works well in a family-friendly space, vintage design, or one with an eclectic vision. If you think yellow is too bold but still like the look, consider a more neutral tile option like white and gray. You will soon find this room becomes one of the favorite places in your home.

Small patterned tile

kitchen floor tile

If you want to enliven the kitchen, think about installing tile with a small pattern. This tile features an intricate, black and white geometric pattern that brightens and creates depth in this modern kitchen. You will find patterned tiles become a natural focal point of your space.

All in the details

kitchen floor tile

Retro-style kitchens are a popular and beautiful design choice. You can add unique, retro vibes to your kitchen when you lay a new floor. Consider these colorful, patterned tiles from House Beautiful. These add a lovely pop of color in this neutral kitchen.

Contemporary blue porcelain tile

kitchen floor tile

We love this simple, contemporary blue tile design we found on Simo Design. The blue pattern is obvious but not overwhelming in the room. The wood texture on the island and floor inlay adds just the right amount of natural texture to balance the light kitchen.

Porcelain tile floor

kitchen floor tile

These kitchen floor tiles have a variegated stone look that is simple and rustic. This warm-colored and textured tile floor blends with the soft colors of the cabinets and moldings. Therefore, the kitchen is a gorgeous blend between earthy and sophisticated.Karpaty Cabinets designed this beautiful kitchen.

Limestone tiles

kitchen floor tile

This kitchen floor uses natural stone square tiles made from limestone. These tiles have a luster that is unmatched in porcelain and ceramic tile. The limestone texture works well with the rustic texture over the windows and the simple color tone of the small kitchen.Mandarin Stone designed this lovely space.

Retro linoleum

Retro linoleum
Crogan Inlay Floor

This kitchen from Cognay Inlay Floors uses linoleum flooring for this retro style kitchen remodel. The jade green floor combined with the other pops of green throughout the space is effective. This kitchen floor combines the linoleum with Armstrong steel rule inlays for an authentic vintage look.

Blue patterned kitchen floor

kitchen floor tile
kitchen floor tile

If you love color and patterned prints, add an interesting kitchen floor tile to the kitchen to complement the kitchen cabinets. Style by Emily Henderson shows off this beautiful kitchen design. From the gold hardware to the blue patterned tiles, it’s a stunning room design.

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Hardwood floor in the kitchen

Hardwood floor in the kitchen
Duncan Flooring Specialists

This rustic wood flooring provides a textured foundation for the kitchen. The color is echoed in the raw-edged granite countertop. Wood floors like this work well on the kitchen floor as they are durable and less hard than tile or natural stone floor tile.

Small sunburst tiles

kitchen floor tile

We love how this intricate, gray tile floor is both understated and exciting at the same time. It complements the neutral wood island and the blue stove by adding texture but not much color. This gives depth to the room but keeps the overall color tone neutral.

Mosaic kitchen floor tiles


kitchen floor tile

Mosaic tiles can be one of the more daring options when transforming a kitchen. They bring a unique style to any kitchen, paying homage in a subtle way to more exotic locations. Black and white mosaic tiles work well in this contemporary kitchen with the colorful green kitchen cabinets. Studio McGee completed this home makeover.

Bamboo floors in a Scandi kitchen

Bamboo floors in a Scandi kitchen
Metropolis Drafting and Construction Inc

The warm wood tones in this contemporary style kitchen serve to blend and balance the neutral tones in a seamless way. This design is everything it should be, functional and beautiful.

Hexagon Tiles

kitchen floor tile

House Beautiful combines hexagon tiles with dark wood floors. The contrasting brown and cream tiles offer a muted palette that is in keeping with the rest of the kitchen design. Due to the shape and design of the kitchen, the two styles work well together. Tile is helpful near the stove which is one of the most high traffic areas in the kitchen.

Wood Look Tile

kitchen floor tile

Random Thoughts Home renovated their kitchen to create a new and fresh look. These wood look tiles that they used in their home makeover transform the look and feel of the room.

Modern farmhouse

kitchen floor tile

The rectangular tiles used in this project create a clean and fresh aesthetic that make this kitchen feel rustic but modern. The warm color brings depth to the bright space and blends with the natural materials in the room.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring
Helios Design Group

Helios Design Group created this contemporary style kitchen. The use of the cork flooring in this kitchen balances colorful contemporary styling with the warm toned foundation. This provides the perfect balance of tones throughout the design.

Terracotta tile

kitchen floor tile

Another classic tile color and material is terracotta. It is a sturdy material and will complement a wide range of kitchen design ideas. Further, terracotta tiles cover up any mess you make while cooking or eating. They add a warm and homey ambiance to any room and are used in many Mediterranean kitchens today. Driven by Decor highlighted this kitchen design.

Slate Tile

kitchen floor tile

Slate is a natural stone that comes in a deep charcoal shade. It is a durable option, so it is ideal for a busy kitchen with constant family activity. One issue to consider when adding slate to your kitchen is that it can scratch easier than the other materials in your home. Look to Michelle Gage for more tips on using this stone in your kitchen.

Granite tile

kitchen floor tile

Made by Girl showcases a stunning kitchen makeover with granite tile. Granite tiles have small flecks with different shades and colors, which add more depth to your room. It is a durable material that is also heat-resistant.

Vinyl kitchen floor tiles

Vinyl kitchen floor tiles
Crogan Inlay Floor

Geometric vinyl tile creates a unique floor for this kitchen design. It provides the interest to balance the look of the walls and cabinets which are neutral in tone. Vinyl can have a variety of shapes and colors and works well in modern or retro rooms.

Cement tile floor

kitchen floor tile

Cement is a budget-friendly tile material that we recommend using in a kitchen of any shape or size. It is a long-lasting and low-maintenance option that creates an industrial-style kitchen. The interesting thing about cement tiles is that they come in many shades and styles, so you can choose an option that works best for your needs. Savvy Kitchens shows how cement tile flooring can be added to any space.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the best flooring for the kitchen?

The best flooring option taking into account price, durability, and style is ceramic tile. The price varies according to the type of tile, but there are many styles that are attractive and cost-effective. It is durable for high foot traffic and easy to keep clean.

What is the best color for kitchen flooring?

The best color for kitchen floors is a medium tone. Dark colors and light colors tend to show dirt and scratches.

How to clean grout on a kitchen floor tile?

First, mop the floor to clean the visible debris away. Next, mix up a solution of 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tsp of dish soap. Rub the solution into the grout lines and allow to sit for 10 minutes. Next, clean the grout lines with a small tool like a toothbrush. Reapply the paste if it is necessary.

How much does it cost to tile a kitchen floor?

This depends on the type of tile you install as there are more expensive and less expensive tile options. However, in general, it costs around €15-€20 per square foot for materials and installation of a tile floor.

What is the most durable floor for a kitchen?

The most durable kitchen floor is ceramic tile, hardwood, bamboo, and natural stone floor tile. Each has strengths and weaknesses, but if you care for them and use proper precautions, all of these floors will last for many years.

Can you paint kitchen floor tiles?

Yes, you can paint floor tiles. However, while this may be a cheap renovation option, it is not a good long term solution. The paint will be subject to intense wear and tear and will not be durable over a long period of time. The best kind of paint to use is semi-gloss or gloss paint. Oil-based paint will hold up to wear longer than latex.


Kitchen floors are indeed the work horses of all the flooring throughout the house. These floors must stand up to high traffic, be comfortable for standing, and be beautiful. So, it is wonderful to know that there are so many floors that can be all of these things at once. You will find that the hardest thing is choosing the best out of so many great options!

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