Plan de comptoir en quartz vs granit : avantages et inconvénients

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When deciding on new countertops, you’ll want to take several bits and pieces into consideration. Do you go with granite; a popular, trendy choice? Or should you stick with quartz countertops; durable and easy to care for? Well, have no fear, because we’re laying out each and ever pro and con of there is. Figure out what’s important to you and your kitchen. And then figure out which choices fits the bill best!

Quartz Countertops

Beauty and durability come together nicely within a quartz countertop. Trendy, stylish and incredibly versatile, going the manmade route has a lot of benefits and some hangups too. There’s a certain amount of luxury that one feels when they add quartz countertops throughout their kitchen and we’re here to tell you why – and why not – to go this route when it comes to your rennovation!

Grey quartz kitchen countertop design

Pro: Manufactured

As mentioned before, this is a manmade product for there’s a wider range of colors available than when going with a natural material like granite or marble. You’ll get your pick of the litter, essentially. Also, quartz countertops are waterproof and can be used with an under-mounted sink!

Con: Noticeable Seams

The seams  will be noticeable because of its engineered process so keep this in mind when envisioning the finished products. The quartz sheets are manufactured in certain sizes so if you go behind that width then you will naturally have seams that will become easy-to-spot. If this bothers you too much, go with a darker shade quartz!

Bold Blue Quartz Countertops Design

Pro: Non-Porous

Because it is a non-porous material you won’t have to worry about re-sealing the tops! Also, worries about staining is nixed. Feel free to use wine, oil and juice freely! The quartz is mixed with resin to create the material. That resin binds all of the crystals together making it a zero pour zone and exceptionally sanitary – which is absolutely perfect for the kitchen.

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Con: Not As Heat-Resistant

Be careful with the hot pots and pans! Quartz won’t ever be as heat resistant as granite or other natural materials. Don’t just throw your hot pots and pans on the surface on these countertops because it can and will cause damage! A sudden change in temperature could cause your quartz to crack or even melt if it gets too hot.

Kitchen white quartz countertop for a kitchen with gold accents

Pro: Bye Bacteria

Thankfully, quartz won’t harbor bacteria or viruses in its hard-to-clean pours because it doesn’t have any! Just clean the tops and be confident in it. You won’t find and extra cracks or crevices to clean here, so there aren’t any germs settling in to areas that you can’t reach or clean.

Con: Discoloration

If exposed to too much natural sunlight, your countertops can begin to discolor. Keep this in mind if your kitchen receives a lot of natural sunlight. Although there is a great variety of colors to choose from – purple, pinks, greens and of course all of the most neutral tones around – you have to make sure not to expose it to too much direct light.

The New Countertop Contender - Red countertop

Pro: Durability

Because this is manufactured material, the durability is top notch like that of concrete and rivals granite. Of course, it’s not completely indestructible but will be very hard to use and abuse with normal, everyday wear. If you want to make a good comparison though, we all know how strong diamond is, quartz is just as hard.

Con: Expense

Quartz is on the more expensive spectrum. Because it is a manufactured material and because it is so customizable, be expected to pay around €115-200 per sq. ft. Make sure that your vision aligns with all of quartz’s pros and cons before you drop thousands of dollars on her countertops.

Quartz is on the more expensive spectrum

Granite Countertops

Naturally-made countertops are extremely popular, making granite one of the most trendy of choices. But before you dive into your purchase be sure that you’re doing your homework. Know the ins and outs of what make granite such a great choice for your kitchen and why you may want to stray away based on your personal needs.

White granite kitchen countertop design

Pro: Natural

Granite is 100% nature made and quarried naturally. If you’re looking for organic materials then this is the first choice! And what’s so much fun about going with granite is that you’ll be going directly to the supplier and picking out your very own slab (or slabs) that will be installed into your kitchen.

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Con: Flexibility

Granite is very, very heavy and because of that, it can be more difficult to install. It’s also not as flexible as other, manmade materials like quartz. Because of the difficulty, the installation process can also become particularly pricey.

Because of the difficulty, the installation process can also become particularly pricey.

Pro: Durability

Just like quartz though, granite is also extremely durable. It can last a lifetime when taken care of correctly – of course, keep in mind, that it isn’t unbreakable. As long as you aren’t consistently banging extremely heavy objects on top of the counters, your granite will last as long as the house does (if not longer). What’s even more beneficial about granite countertops is that you have the option to chop, cut and even slice right on the surface without worrying about any harm done. And finally, along with its durable nature, it can withstand the heat! Hot pots and pans will not burn or scorch the granite!

Con: Not Uniform

But because of its 100% natural quality, you will never get a completely uniform appearance. It was designed by nature so no two pieces will ever be the same – but remember, you get to choose your slabs so choose wisely.

Grey quartz kitchen countertop design

Pro: One-of-a-Kind

We may have written about how its non-uniform appearance can be a con but some of us see it has a huge pro! We love how eclectic and unique each and every piece will be. The chicness and slick topping that granite countertops will not only give to your kitchen – but your entire home – is unlike other materials and that’s truly because of its one-of-a-kind appearance.

Con: Sealing

Granite does have pours and will need to be sealed year-after-year. And because of these pours you’ll need to pay attention to the possibility of staining and bacteria buildup. But as long as you keep the surfaces sealed, you won’t have to worry about all of the germs or the fear of stains. Keep in mind that lighter granite requires more attention when it comes to the sealing process though.

White kitchen design with clean cabinets and black granite countertop

Pro: Variety

Although quartz and other manmade materials will always have a larger variety when it comes to color (and patterns), you’d be surprised what you have to choose from with granite! Sometimes there can be around 20 choices to think about with different mineral contents and striations. You also get to choose your edges as well – fortunately you can add some personalization here as well with both beveled edges or even going with some bullnose ends.

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Con: Can’t Hide Seams

It’s absolutely impossible to hide the seams when installing the countertops. Because granite has so many natural veins and color variations, you’ll see all of that. just be sure that you love the slab – or slabs – you’ve chosen when at the supplier.

Grey quartz kitchen countertop design
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