Organiseurs de placards de cuisine qui maintiennent la pièce propre et ordonnée.

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Keeping the kitchen clean and organized is no easy task. It is, however, easier to achieve that when there’s a designated space for everything and when you have custom kitchen cabinet organizers to help you. In addition, you can use a variety of clever strategies which including labeling the containers, grouping small objects or having the furniture custom designed with clever compartments for everything. Perhaps some of our suggestions can inspire you to have a better-organized kitchen.

Hang utensils on the back of the cabinet doors

There’s no need to have the furniture custom-designed with this feature. You can add this type of organizer to your kitchen cabinets any time you want. All you have to do is cut a cork board to fit the interior of one of the cabinet doors and to glue it in place. You can use double-sided tape if you want. Then just attach a bunch of small hooks and hang your measuring spoons or other utensils.

Label your jars and containers

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

Labeling the jars and the containers in your kitchen cabinets can really help. Instead of browsing through all the jars you can just identify the thing you need by its label. Make sure all the labels are visible so you can identify everything at a glimpse without having to take out the containers or to move things around. This is an idea that we got from Mysocalledhome.

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Use pull out storage

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

As emphasized on Whisperwoodcottage, pull-out storage is extremely practical in kitchens. Consider pull-out trays instead of the usual fixed shelves inside the cabinets. This way you can access the things stored there more easily and you can also organize everything in a more practical way. Instead of having to take out everything at the front so you can reach something at the back, you can just slide the whole tray out for a better view.

Use lazy susans for the spices

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

When you have lots of spices stored in small containers, it can be pretty impractical to keep them all stored in a cabinet as opposed to lined up on a shelf. However, that’s not true if you use a lazy susan. This is actually a perfect method for storing and organizing spices and other types of containers. You can find this idea along with a few other practical ones described on Chezlarsson.

Use a rack to organize plates

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

If you like to keep your plates tidy and organized, one option is to use a rack. We’re not talking about the type that you keep by the sink but one that’s a part of the kitchen cabinetry. This can work if you don’t mind sacrifice that space. However, there are other more space-efficient ways to store dishes. Find out how to make your own cabinet plate rack from the tutorial on Remodelandolacasa.

Vertical spice storage

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

Vertical cabinet racks are very useful in the kitchen. They’re usually used for storing and organizing bottles and jars. Let this idea inspire you and include a vertical storage rack in your own kitchen. It can be exactly what you need to finally keep all your spice jars in one place, organized by type or use.{found on remodelandolacasa}.

Magazine rack for the side of the cabinet

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

Don’t waste any space in the kitchen. Look for surfaces or spaces that could be improved to make the room more storage-efficient. For example, you can use the side of the kitchen cabinet or island to mount a magazine rack or some hooks for towels. You can check the tutorial on Whitetulipdesigns to find out how to make the rack.

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Create a coffee station

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

If you’re the type that enjoys a nice cup of coffee in the morning, you should consider organizing a coffee station in the kitchen. It should be a space where you keep everything you need to make and enjoy coffee, things such as the coffee maker, the cups, coffee containers, sugar, milk and other things. This is one of the kitchen organization ideas we found on Livinglocurto.

A station for small kitchen appliances

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

Keep all of your small kitchen appliances in one place so you always know where to find them when needed. You can dedicate one section of your cabinet to this purpose. If there’s some free space in there you can also store your knife storage block in the same place. The idea is practical and it keeps all of these appliances out of sight, behind closed doors.

A vertical pull-out compartment

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

What’s really nice about these vertical storage racks is that you can customize them in a lot of ways. For example, you can have as many shelves as you want, depending on what you need to store. If you plan to use the rack for bottles, then two sections should be enough. For jars and smaller containers, you can have three or four shelves with safety frames on the sides.

Pull outs trays inside the cabinets

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

Pull-out tray shelves aren’t only useful for jars and small objects. You can also use them for pots, pans and dishes. It makes organizing the cabinets a lot easier and it also makes it easy to reach the item you need without having to bend down and reach all the way in the back It’s more practical and better for your back.

Pull-out storage for utensils

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

Things like wooden spoons, knives, scissors and spatulas don’t usually a special designated space in the kitchen. They’re either kept in drawers or on hooks. Another way to organize them is by storing them in a pull-out rack with built-in compartments. Position this storage rack close to the stove or where you think it would be most practical.

A cleaning station

Side Kitchen cleaning storage utensil

You can create a storage nook for your mop, broom and cleaning products on the side of the kitchen cabinet. It doesn’t have to be large. You just need some hooks and shallow shelves. You can close off this compartment if you prefer a clean and cohesive look.

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