Nouvelles tendances et innovations de la Foire LivingKitchen 2017.

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You may have sensed our enthusiasm for all things new and trendy when we covered the IMM cologne highlights but, as you probably also know, this year the fair was actually a duo. From the 16th until the 22nd of January 2017 visitors from all over the world could be charmed by the amazing exhibits of both IMM and LivingKitchen. The fair received a record number of visitors this year, with over 150,000 people and more than 200 national and international suppliers that presented the latest innovations and ideas in the fields of furniture, kitchen appliances and accessories.

LivingKitchen is an international trade fair for everything kitchen related and the perfect source of inspiration for all the latest trends and ideas in the field. This year we got to see the top 30 retail chains from around the world and to discover how high their standards of design and quality are. We’ll cover some of the most interesting pieces so you can have your own idea about this whole event. Perhaps you’d like to visit it yourself next time (14-21 January 2019).

Kitchen island T1

The T1 island featured a unique design by introducing a never-before used material in this field of design
The bronze surface is unique for each individual island, with a pattern impossible to reproduce
The design overall is simple, modern and robust, all desirable features in a contemporary kitchen

One of the most impressive and memorable products featured at LivingKitchen this year was the T1 kitchen island by Lohberger. It stands out with its unique design and it impresses on all levels. The most fascinating thing about the island is its bronze surface. This material was used here for the first time in kitchen design and this makes the island a pioneer in this sense. The bronze top has a unique patterned surface that can’t be reproduced and thanks to the material’s natural attributes, offers special thermal conductivity and heat resistance.


When the cabinet opens and unfolds, it reveals all the necessary features and appliances as well as generous storage
The sides can be closed off, either fully or partially, depending on the required space
When closed and compact, the kitchen only occupies 16 square feet of space

In a world where people are increasingly more concerned about space and flexibility, fair the Pia concept, a fully-equipped kitchen which can be closed when not needed in order to save space. When the kitchen is closed, it looks a lot like a compact living room cabinet. There’s a special built-in space for a TV. The concept is ingenious and perfect for small homes but also for large open spaces or for offices.


The table has an oval top and a slim and elegant base that allows it to look lightweight
The top has a marble-like look and doesn’t offer any indications as to its true capabilities
The ON/OFF buttons are perfectly concealed on the top, the same as the inductors which are under the surface

Discalsa also with a really interesting design that responds to the requirements of a modern lifestyle. This is the top made of marble-like ceramic on a wooden base with metallic legs. It has a built-in TPB Tech induction cooktop that’s perfectly camouflaged on the worktop. Laser indicators show where the designated spots for the pans are. Imagine all the new possibilities with this table: prepping and cooking on the same surface, cooking and entertaining or even working.

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The simplicity of the designs is complemented by a perfect harmony between form and function

Allmilmö is a company famous for the innovative and always trendy kitchen designs they offer and this year they were present at LivingKitchens with a range of minimalist products that harmonizes aesthetics and function in a way worthy of appreciation. The designs are meant to respond to the modern requirements of most contemporary homes which feature open spaces. Their kitchens help minimize the visual barriers between kitchens and living spaces, ensuring a seamless transition between the two.


The designers used colors inspired by earth, such as brown, yellow, red, green and blue, each symbolizing a different element
The clean, simple and sleek likes of the kitchen offer it an elegant and sophisticated look
The island features a wooden extension which can serve as a bar or dining surface
Ambient lights set the mood and can be changed by the movement of the hand

If you ever wanted to feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie now is your chance. Valcucine presented this year the most extraordinary design concept in this sense, a kitchen that lets you turn on the ambient light and the tap and to open the door with the simple movement of your hand. We’re talking about the V-Motion kitchen, a design inspired by nature and taken to a new level. A similar design is featured by the Genius Loci kitchen which has an ergonomic structure full of secrets.


Featuring white as a main color, the kitchen maintains a bright and spacious ambiance appreciated in most modern spaces
The yellow accents are beautifully balanced by grey details and they save the design from looking monotonous
The kitchen offers an overall clean and sleek design with both open and closed storage

This year at the LivingKitchen fair, Nobilia inspired us with designs defined by quality, careful planning and attention to details. As always, their kitchens are exceptional and designed to be versatile in order to suit a variety of lifestyles. Following high standards of quality, the Nobilia kitchens are manufactured exclusive in Germany with a high degree of automation. This year’s exhibit showcases simple, modern and sophisticated designs with intelligent features and harmonious details.

The Flux Swing kitchen is a combination between sculpture and functional furniture
The design is ideal for large open space kitchens that communicate with their adjacent living spaces
The silhouette of the peninsula is the expression of harmony between form and function
Gentle curves and slide elements merge the kitchen with the walls and the rest of the open floor plan
There are numerous interesting details and carefully-planned features and together they make the kitchen look splendid
This kitchen is a symphony of pure shapes and sculptural forms mixed with practical storage and function

A wonderful surprise this year was also the new Flux Swing kitchen by Giugiaro Design. It has a strong sculptural presence thanks to its gentle curves, beautifully shaped shelves and delicate silhouettes. The kitchen introduces a dynamic concept focused on both form and function. The design is elegant and functional, defined by straight, simple lines complemented by curves and well-balanced proportions and volumes. The overall impression is that of a very sophisticated kitchen with a design that’s both simple and innovative.


Unlike a lot of other kitchens present at the fair, Carattere also introduces a classical, almost traditional flair
The design puts together refined materials and simple colors in order to obtain a beautiful balance of simplicity and elegance

One of the exhibitions presented this year by Scavolini was Carettere, a kitchen by Vuesse Design Studio which is the materialization of the harmony between beauty and functionality. The design is minimal and at the same time sophisticated, both refined and simple, practical and highly attractive. This is a kitchen that has class and isn’t afraid to show it but which doesn’t neglect its practical side.


The Exclusive kitchen has a classical structure wrapped in a modern shell
The design is simple and luxurious, beautiful and practical, classical with a modern twist
Because of this marriage of styles, the design is versatile and adaptable to a variety of settings

Exclusiva is another sophisticated line of kitchen furniture introduced by Scavolini through Vuesse. The inspiration for this range of products comes from classical architecture and design. The kitchen is based on a structure of simple and elegant lines and features that put together classical refinement and contemporary linearity. The result is a kitchen capable of offering spaces a prestigious and luxurious look through both form and function.

Diesel and Scavolini

The range of materials used in this series is centered around metal, with aluminum being the star
The series mixed aluminum and glass, offering a variety of combinations and options to choose from
The series also plays with contrasts, particularly between open shelves and closed storage
The kitchen is a beautiful representation between the mixture of blocks and voids we just mentioned
Despite the strong industrial character, the designs are refined, sophisticated and glamorous

Scavolini and Diesel teamed up this year to create the Diesel Open Workshop, a series of furniture designs for kitchens and bathrooms. The kitchen series has a strong industrial vibe and features aluminum as a main material. It’s combined with smoked, transparent and textured glass and the result is a range of products that look both robust and refined. The kitchens in this series also play with the contrast between blocks and voids, ensuring an eye-catching and well-balanced composition.

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Sipario from Aran

The Sipario kitchen uses minimalism to its advantage, aiming to look simple and to emphasize the cooking process
A built-in cooking top lines up the burners for a more theatrical and dramatic statement
The surfaces are smooth, the lines are straight and the forms are simple but this doesn’t make the design look monotonous

The concept behind the Sipario kitchen designed by Makio Hasuike & Co for Aran invites us to look at the kitchen as a scene for the theatrical performance that is the art of cooking. The design puts a spotlight on the kitchen and on the prep. area. Built-in appliances ensure a simple and compact design and generous storage spaces take care of the rest.

Lab 13

The design encourages users to store large objects on the wall and to turn them into decor elements

In a way, the kitchen is like a laboratory, a place where new recipes are discovered, where experiments are made and where the magic happens. Lab13 is a design series that is based on this very idea. This kitchen is not only elegant and stylish but also ergonomic, featuring a worktop with an adjustable height and several variations to choose from. Also, the kitchen is defined by modularity.


The Banco kitchen table is in part so exquisite because of the materials that were used in its construction
The table combines wood, metal and stone is a very refined and sophisticated way
The table has a built-in sink, a cutting board and a generous storage space underneath

Its main function is that of a kitchen table but Banco is much more than that. This unique furniture piece was developed as a system which transforms the everyday table into a multifunctional tool and which can be adapted to suit every user’s needs. As a result, Banco becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen. Its design is the materialization of the harmony achieved between contemporary production techniques and handcrafted processes.


We love how well distributed the different colors, materials and finishes are in the kitchen
The warm wood elements prevent the design from becoming too dark and gloomy

Team7 designed a black line kitchen series which focuses on the beauty and glamour of dark color tones. Black shades and accents are combined with solid wood surfaces with pure, natural finishes and the result is a design that’s well-balanced as well as very elegant. The design creates a very pleasant environment and turns the kitchen into a welcoming space that’s a bit closer to the rest of the living space than other types.


The Leicht kitchen do not bow to short-lived trends, preferring instead the comfort and stability of a timeless character
Simplicity, elegance and sophistication never really go out of style
The kitchens are designed based on a harmonious overall concept that puts together clean lines and carefully selected materials
The colors and materials are simple and pure but also versatile and suitable for a variety of settings and styles
The designs follow a mainly modern trajectory infused with classical details
The Leicht kitchens combine ergonomics, functionality and sustainability, all wrapped in a shell of timeless beauty

It’s definitely fun and satisfying to follow the latest trends and to focus on innovations but this is not the preferred strategy for Leicht. Their kitchens don’t really pay attention to short-lived trends and instead focus on timeless features that allow them to look amazing any time and anywhere. The Leicht kitchen series features at the fair combines modern design and classical values and the result is harmony. These two directions don’t clash but rather complement each other.


Simple and clean lines and angles are complemented by unexpected touches of color or intriguing accent details
Glass-front cabinets bring nostalgic flavour into the kitchen, reviving a trend specific to country designs and traditional spaces
The elegance and familiarity of subway tile backsplashes is revisited and given a modern twist

The Nolte kitchens revive the country style and give it a modern twist. The country style of today is infused with contemporary details and aims to create inviting decors with pleasant and relaxed atmospheres. The designs featured in this series transform the kitchen into a natural center of the home. The Nolte kitchens are simple and with a profound timeless character resulted from a blend of styles.

Nolte Neo

The Neo kitchens give a new meaning to the idea of cohesion, the series being more focused on harmonious contrasts
The mirrored island puts the decor into perspective, being a nice fit for small contemporary spaces
The furniture alone is not enough to set the desired mood and accessories are also important
The designers encourage decors with an eclectic vibe, based on contrasts and similarities

The Neo series from Nolte gives the kitchen an interesting metropolitan vibe, featuring designs with polished and mirrored surfaces complemented by classical and bohemian accents. The designs are focused on simplicity and the sensual contrasts between different materials, finishes, textures and forms.


The height difference comes with an increase in the overall functionality of the design as well as with increased comfort
The design trajectory is eclectic, putting together contrasting finishes and influences
We’re big fans of well-planned and well-balanced designs and this is a really great example in this sense
This kitchen puts the spotlight on wood as the main protagonist of its story and unique design

The LivingKitchen fair also included a few wonderful designs by Häcker. The company is well-known for its modern kitchens and high standards when it comes to quality, functionality, durability as well as design. This year, the focus was in part on the use of natural materials, earthy colors and organic textures.

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The geometry of this kitchen island is unusual as well as intriguing and inspiring
The design explores new ways to increase the functionality of the kitchen island while staying focused on style
The island appears to be structured into three elements, with the central one being shifted at an odd angle

Häcker combines hewn wood and metal surfaces to create contrasting designs with unusual forms and unique characters. The design also highlights the eye-catching nature of wood and metal when put together, especially in this context where they complement each other through specific finishes and forms.

Haus12 Interiors

The brand new Haus12 kitchens follow a contemporary style and give it a timeless interpretation
The kitchen designs present at the fair ranged from minimalistic to eye-catching and from neutral to rich and vibrant

A beautiful surprise at LivingKitchen was Haus12 Interiors which used the Pantone Color of the Year – Greenery. A brand new design studio that specializes in premium German designs for kitchen and other spaces. The designer behind the new brand’s kitchen range is John McNeil who comes with a background of more than 20 years of experience in creating stunning kitchen concepts.

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