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Regardless of the size of the kitchen, a kitchen island is one of the most important and more practical pieces of furniture. It’s a functional work surface and it often doubles as a storage unit. So if you have a small kitchen just choose a small kitchen island. A small island can also be a strategic option is larger kitchens if the objective is to maintain and airy and spacious look. Here are a few examples and ideas.

Kitchen island traditional
Traditional cottage kitchen with white furniture complemented by wood details

This is a lovely and inviting cottage-style kitchen with a traditional interior design. It features white furniture throughout with natural wood details and accent pieces. The balance between the coldness of the white elements and the warmth brought by the wood elements is very nice. The kitchen island is small and doubles as a breakfast table.

Kitchen island traditional
Mediterranean kitchen interior with butterscotch cabinet and kitchen island

This kitchen is also very inviting and beautiful. It features a Mediterranean interior décor with a color palette not very varied but beautiful nonetheless. The butterscotch wall cabinet and kitchen island stand out with their colors. The island also features a matching chair and has plenty of storage compartments.

Kitchen island traditional
Traditional white kitchen with warm and delicate lighting

This kitchen stands out for multiple reasons. One of them is related to the simplicity of the décor and the color palate. Then there’s also the lighting which is soft and delicate, giving the kitchen a warm look. This counterbalances the coldness of the white walls and white furniture.

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Kitchen island traditional
Inviting traditional kitchen with cherry cabinets and kitchen island

In this particular kitchen, the atmosphere is particularly warm, inviting and cozy. That’s mostly due to the material used for the décor but also to the natural color of the wood. The small cherry kitchen island matches the cabinets and integrates perfectly into the overall design.

Kitchen island traditional
Small kitchen with an eclectic, bright interior décor and strong contrasts

Given the reduced dimensions of this kitchen, certain measures needed to be taken in order to maintain a functional and airy décor. The kitchen island is quite small and, in addition, it features a very simple design with only one shelf underneath. The walls were painted black and this makes the white cabinets stand out more.

Kitchen island traditional
Stylish black and white contemporary kitchen with a compact island

Strong contrasts such as the one between black and white are always beautiful. They allow certain elements to stand out even though in other circumstances they would have simply blended in. In this kitchen, the black and white contrast has been maintained throughout the décor, including the compact small kitchen island.

Kitchen island traditional
Elegant open floor plan kitchen with a contemporary interior décor

Even though this is an open floor plan kitchen so there aren’t any visible barriers between the spaces, it still has a compact look. The kitchen island is small and all the furniture comes together and created a cohesive and well-balanced décor. The contrast between the crisp white details and the richness of the dark brown furniture is very elegant and beautiful.

Kitchen island traditional
Traditional all-white kitchen with a central small kitchen island

This kitchen is not particularly large but the fact that it’s almost entirely white helps create the impression of a larger space. The wooden floors bring a refreshing contrast while the small and compact kitchen island sits in the center and complements the entire décor.

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Kitchen island traditional
Small kitchen with a traditional interior and the island as a focal point
Kitchen island traditional
A rustic worktable suits this kitchen’s cottage style.

Since the kitchen sits separated from the rest of the furniture, it naturally stands out. This makes it a wonderful choice for a focal point. This kitchen has a simple, white interior décor and the only element that doesn’t match that color palette is the kitchen island. This allows it to stand out and to create the transition towards the second part of the room.

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