Concepts de cuisine incroyables pour les modes de vie contemporains.

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An amazing kitchen is not impossible to achieve. Create a budget, and start building your dream cooking space. A healthy kitchen is a busy kitchen. When the space is prepared right, it will function as the nucleus for  your family and guests.  

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Kerrie Kelly, a Global Connect Advisor for the National Kitchen Bath Association (NKBA) said for 2022, “the focus on Millennials means the design industry can expect to see more organic features and natural finishes with an emphasis on warm hues, wood tones, more matte and brushed finishes.”

Innovative Kitchen Designs For 2022

From our team of in-house design experts, here are some of the most innovative kitchen concepts found in households today.

Sophisticated Loft Style

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

A modern marble-look island pairs with matte gray cabinetry in a sophisticated loft kitchen that offers high style in a compact space. The layout in this Brooklyn loft kitchen, designed by Giancarlo Valle, includes a cooktop and sink that is visible while the other elements are hidden behind the cabinet doors. 

Iconic Perfection

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

This kitchen inside the Zaha Hadid-designed residential building in New York is a work of modern perfection and you wouldn’t expect anything less than that from the iconic designer. A clean, white color palette balanced by the stainless steel and gray is ideal for the sleek, hardware-free look of this amazing kitchen. 

Revitalized Vintage

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

London design firm ALL & NXTHING revamped a historic but severely neglected 19th Century Jacobean-style house in the Hackney section of the city into a character filled space including this marvelous kitchen. Taking up the corner of the open-plan space, it features an exposed brick wall that makes for the ideal backsplash.

Modern And Minimalist

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Melbourne kitchen designed by Jamison Architects does. The clean contrast of the stark black backsplash and the white cabinets make up the perfect setting for the stone island and gray wide-plank flooring. 

Eclectic Mix

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Designed by Espacio Blanco, the combination of concrete floors, stainless steel elements, and vibrant mustard yellow subway tile are framed with black architectural trim. 

Waterfall Island Countertops

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Luxury kitchen countertop materials are a nice addition when you want to create a waterfall countertop. This style extends the material from the top to the bottom. 

French Country

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

This kitchen is from Sibella Court of The Society Inc. Court says that she took her advice and painted each room a different color, yielding this marvelous kitchen with blue cabinets. 

Modern Capsule

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

This hidden gem is from Shanghai, China The modern kitchen features a box-type unit that contains the main kitchen functions. Cooking and storage elements are confined to the bright and shiny yellow kitchen unit that defines the space. The designer kitchen cabinets are free of handles and knobs and feature a mustard yellow hue ideal for any kitchen space. 

Mixed Materials

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

This kitchen by Becky Shea Design uses mixed materials to create a user-friendly kitchen. Light wood floors, a stone waterfall countertop island, and subway tile are accented with concrete pendants and black sink hardware. 

Long And Linear

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

In this South African home by Blok Architects, the kitchen offers handleless cabinets combined with wood and an island with a matte top meld. The terrazzo floor echoes the varied terrain outside and seems to bring a bit of nature inside, as does the adjacent indoor/outdoor swimming pool. 

Serious Entertaining

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Designed by Intimate Living Interiors, this California space is meant to accommodate agents for work and business entertaining. That said, the kitchen is as comfortable as any home kitchen and features a luxury stone island with seating as well as architectural hardware throughout. 


Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

This Canadian home has a bright and airy covered kitchen. Clean white counters and base cabinets are accented by upper storage featuring natural wood to give the illusion of height while reflecting the the outdoors. It’s an ideal kitchen for those who would rather that it play a more unobtrusive role in an open concept space.

Simple Luxury

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

The stunning custom stone island with cooktop, which looks like it’s set atop some old-fashioned sawhorses, is the centerpiece. Concrete pendants at the workspace end of the island add a contemporary touch and the open shelving above the back counter keep the space open and airy. Designed by Naked Kitchens in the UK.

Open Minimalism

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

This large, open plan home in Portugal features a living space, except for the kitchen, which is designed in an area with a low ceiling. The white palette and handle-less design are perfect for showing off the stunning wood that lines the space. 

Small Space Solution

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Created by YLAB Architects, the design solves one of the problems inherent in a small kitchen: clutter. With covered alcove shelves and cabinets, clutter will never be a problem.

Color Accents

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

This bright and cheery kitchen sits inside a home designed by Studio Duggan. Sleek all-white cabinetry with hidden opening mechanisms creates a blank canvas for the space, which features a large and versatile island perfect for dining as well. 

Wood-Fired Oven

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Haptic Architects installed the open fire oven in Oslo, Norway, allowing the owners to enjoy a fire for warmth and to use for cooking. An open-fire feature like this goes best with a minimalist design like this, rendered in a sophisticated slate blue and gray color palette. 

Bold Minimalism

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

In basic black and white, Edmonds Lee Architecture created a style not typically associated with a family-friendly kitchen. Designed for the San Francisco architects themselves with a nod toward cost consciousness. The minimalist layout was one solution to reduce costs by eliminating visual details that drive expenses. 

Cozy Contemporary

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Without any of the cliched elements of a contemporary kitchen, this layout from Strand Design features a very defined kitchen space within an open plan area. Despite its smaller footprint, the kitchen has plenty of workspace and has everything a home chef could want. 

Converted Minimalist Layout

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Gleaming in white all around, this kitchen by Robson Rak is minimalist and blends well into what is a very open plan living area. Accents of natural wood counter stools and a stylish black step ladder for reaching the uppermost cabinets pop against the white background. 

Dual Purpose Kitchen

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Designed by Anderman Architects of Israel combines elements of a kitchen and an office. The sink and cooktop, as well as the open shelves for storage and a wooden tabletop for dining and food prep, are all front and center. 

White Space Odyssey

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

This example from Loft4C could pass as a film set for “2001: Space Odyssey.” Comprised of angular components faced in black, their setting against the otherwise white kitchen is dramatic. Under-lighting highlights the shaped cabinets and other kitchen elements. 

Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

This kitchen design from Marmur Studio is clean-lined and functional. Apartment space is limited. The large square island includes workspace and dining space with the two barstools. 

Small And Simple

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

You should only add necessary elements, like this example from Barcelona, Spain. Designed by Colombo and Serboli Architecture, the kitchen had to fit into an awkward space that is part of the larger living area. 

Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Marasovic Arhitekti of Slovenia designed this kitchen incorporates dining and office space with mid-century flavor. Natural handleless wood cabinets grace only one wall of the kitchen, covering its full width. The dining table bisects the central column that adds a visual divide with the kitchen space. 

Modern Industrial

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

While most modern kitchens are white and bright, this one uses a dark monochrome palette broken by the waterfall island. Designed by Studio Makom, the kitchen has everything, but you can’t see it, and that’s inentional.

Urban Renewal

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Combining new and modern, this kitchen by Megowan Architecture gets is style from the juxtaposition of the two. The raw brick wall contrasts — in a pleasing way — with the smooth, hardware-free cabinetry in stark black and white.

Modern Art Kitchen Space

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

This kitchen by Tom Robertson Architects has it all. The geometries of the design enhance the black and white palette. Other than the sink and cooktop, the other working elements of this amazing kitchen are hidden behind the cabinet doors.

Majesty Black

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Designed by the Life Space Group, the matte black finish is far more appealing — and less shocking — than shiny black surfaces would be. Paired with pale gray walls and a light wood floor with a natural look, the kitchen is welcoming and warm, despite its minimalist aesthetic.

New Wood Look

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

Sleek, flat-front cabinets combined with slim solid surface counters and a waterfall countertop on the large island. The light and airy space designed by the Ranch Mine feels modern yet channels a natural vibe that makes the ample use of wood very appealing.

Timeless Marble

Minimalist yellow kitchen decor

The veining style featured here is ideal for picking up architectural accents like the window frame and other black elements in this white kitchen. The renovated, former Victorian structure has a thoroughly luxurious and modern feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is A Climatic Cabinet?

A climate controlled hydroponic chamber that allows you to grow vegetables indoors and year round. Roughly the size of a refrigerator or smaller, and otherwise known as a grow cabinet, you can harvest vegetables without relying on outdoor elements.

How Can I Use My Kitchen Ceiling Space?

Hanging wire baskets from your kitchen ceiling will help you take advantage of unused air space. The wire baskets are ideal for holding lightweight items like vegetables or fruit.

What Can You Use To Grab Items From High Cabinet Spaces?

A telescoping rod with a graspable handle will help you grab hard to reach items. Ceiling cabinet space is the Siberia of the kitchen. This is where you store items that you don’t use often. If you don’t have a ladder, a small collapsible foot stool will work. 

What Can You Make With A 3D Food Printer?

“Insects au Gratin” includes insects, flour, and cream cheese. The ingredients are fed into a 3D printer to create high protein biscuits. 

What Is Kitchen Alcove Shelving?

An alcove is a recess in a wall. Alcove kitchen shelves are built into a kitchen wall. The shelving design was popular in the 70s and was the emphasis of popular kitchen designs.

What Is A Kitchen Trolley?

Otherwise known as a kitchen cart, the kitchen trolley is a mobile appliance and storage cabinet on wheels. Designed in 1964 by Italian designer Joe Colombo, the kitchen trolley would later become the kitchen island.  

Amazing Kitchen Conclusion

Today’s kitchen design has turned the space into a multitasking center. With remote working, the kitchen is an office space in the morning and cooking space in the evening. The kitchen’s one -dimensional function has become an anachronism.  

According to the NKBA, kitchen innovation in the upcoming three years will be with cabinets, technology solutions, ventilation hoods, and appliances. With cabinets, we’ll see new styles, colors, and customization.

Smart kitchen appliances save space while making cooking easier and more productive. With new technology like functional cooking tables, the kitchen continues its organic evolution.

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