37 combinaisons de couleurs de cuisine pour une cuisine moderne

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All-white kitchens have become the hottest paint color trend in recent years. There are many kitchen color schemes for contemporary kitchens that look fresh. Each one adds more than a pinch of personality.

Kitchen Color Schemes

If you don’t want to commit to an all-white style, create contrast with your favorite colors.

black and white kitchen color scheme

With Benjamin Moore paint, there is no reason why your contemporary kitchen shouldn’t look like the work of a professional interior designer. If you find yourself asking what is the best color to paint my kitchen, keep reading and check out the examples for inspiration.

kitchen color schemes

What Is The Best Color To Paint A Kitchen?

This is a question that every homeowner wrestles with for as long as they own a home. The answer is that there isn’t an answer. There are thousands of ideas you can choose for inspiration, or you can ignore them and do whatever you want. The answer is how it is entirely up to you when it come to choosing the best colors to paint your kitchen.

choosing the best colors to paint your kitchen.

Here, we’ll look at 20 kitchen color schemes pulled from audience insights that you may have thought about when considering neutral colors or a classic color combination.

History Of Gray Kitchens

It wasn’t until the beginning of 2010 when US kitchens went gray. By then, the “graying of America” was in full force. Before gray, the hottest kitchen color was beige.

Gray Kitchen Color Scheme

Greys kitchen color scheme

A monochromatic kitchen color scheme provides a modern look with gray undertones, and the kitchen is no exception. If monochromatic neutral space is what you’re after, be sure to mix the tones and tints of the paint color.

Notice the variation between the gray undertones of this airy kitchen color for the floor, cabinetry, countertops, and a lighting fixture. When combined, the effect offers great visual depth.

White And Gold Color Combo Scheme

White & Gold color combo scheme

If you enjoy a white kitchen color but wanted to stray from the trending white paint color fad, add a subtle color. Maintain the cozy kitchen feel with clean windows, marble countertops, kitchen cabinets, backsplash, and a white farmhouse sink to maintain a home gardens vibe. You could keep the white cabinets or switch colors for something edgier.

Apply just a touch of pale grey-green color onto the dark cabinets, then accent with metallic hardware, fixtures, and accessories. The result is a kitchen that feels almost ethereal without being all white. A Benjamin Moore gray undertone would work well with the green. If you have a kitchen island, accent the space with a sky blue tone.

Leather And White Kitchen Color Scheme

Leather & White kitchen color scheme

Just like white and gold colors, a white and leather-guided kitchen may appear similar where colors are concerned. However, the effect is different.

Leather is used as the cover to the fridge and on the chairs. Light to medium wood shades are elsewhere to carry the neutral color palette. While this kitchen is contemporary, with its sleek lines and straight design, it has a rustic charm thanks to the leather.

Drawers with leather for Kitchen

For the record, leather equals luxe. Look at the stitching around these leather drawer faces.

Red, White, And Blue Paint Color

Colorful Kitchen Color Scheme

Variations of a cool blue kitchen with white walls hold the colors together to provide a modern and mature vibe, and more so than any playroom. The light blue offsets the other blue hues. A heavy dose of Benjamin Moore white in the corner tempers the kitchen’s boldness into a happy space.

Honed Slate, Honey, And Cherry Red And Wood

Honed Slate, Honey, & Cherry Red and Wood Kitchen

This rich, color-infused kitchen color combo is warm, cozy, and welcoming with Benjamin Moore paint. Each paint color works best with a natural light source because the colors are at darker end of the spectrum. This updated kitchen is from the post-mid-century modern era (70s), but it couldn’t be more relevant to today’s aesthetic.

Modern Red-Orange And Goldenrod

Modern red and orange color scheme for kitchen

Kitchens have a lot “going on,” so a color scheme can be subtle yet effective. The transparent goldenrod suspension lamp (pendant) above the modern red-orange dining chairs around a white Saarinen tulip table are the first-impression highlight and provide a fresh, invigorating kitchen color scheme with natural light.

Shades of gray, ranging from black to light gray tones in the monorail track lighting system, tall narrow windows, bar stools, and appliances are neutral. Wood floors, upper cabinetry, and a wood-faced credenza provide a much-needed balance to the space. This setup would work well for a small kitchen with Benjamin Moore paint.

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Poppy Orange And Ebony

Poppy orange and ebony

A striking and classic kitchen color combination that, in one way or another, has recurred throughout time. This paint color combo is great in a stylish kitchen. It creates the opportunity for sheen contrasts.

High-gloss kitchen cabinets combined with matte ebony walls and shelving for a visual feast. Bookending the intensity of the color scheme between white floors and ceiling is a great design choice.

Fuchsia And Light Neutrals

Fuchsia & Light Neutrals Kitchen

If your kitchen is designed so that an entire wall can be one paint color, then you’re set choose a vibrant kitchen color to kickstart your modern palette. Because kitchen walls are broken by white cabinetry, appliances, backsplashes, even bold colors will have a muted look.

Do you want to know how to choose a kitchen wall color? Well, look at the colors that are already in your kitchen. With this example, you can choose just a touch of pink for an accent color without worrying about the paint color being overwhelming. Also, natural light wouldn’t diminish the interior look. If you don’t like pink, try saturated green. 

Coral And Steel

White and orange color kitchen scheme

This is a more subtle paint color variation of the classic red-black-white color scheme. The effect is modern and fresh, and a good option if you don’t want a white kitchen. Maintaining the white paint color on the kitchen cabinets and walls with the steel elements in appliances helps maintain the coral center island.

When you add an accent color like the thick white countertop, you create cohesion, even with white cabinetry. This is a key element, and one of simplicity and amid modern designs.

Aqua And Red

Aqua and red kitchen

Although invigorating, aqua and red is not a paint color duo associated with kitchens, but that could change. The effect is energetic and cheerful. The light blue kitchen tones from Benjamin Moore provide a color palette that’s soothing, with clean color transitions and a few accents.

A kitchen designed with red bar stools, draw the eye and set the contemporary, sleek tone. Fresh flowers and large vibrant art finish the décor. Dark cabinets would also be a nice touch if you wanted to contrast the soft blue wall.

Aqua And Chartreuse

Aqua & Chartreuse Kitchen Color Scheme

When you add color, make it bold and fresh. You want the colors to invigorate and invite, which are excellent ways to introduce color. The lower cabinets are wood which help make this a cozy kitchen. Cobalt blue and green are analogous colors. They are also found together in nature, so they look good in a kitchen.

Plenty of neutral materials like wood and steel and concrete, make up the bulk of the coloring. An important ratio in keeping the kitchen energetic and appealing without being overpowering or distasteful. Try this look with a small kitchen and watch the magic take over. The colors and design are in line with home gardens concept. A sky blue backsplash would also work well. 

Teal, White, And Wood

Teal, White, and Wood Kitchen

Natural wood isn’t a color. We’ve seen examples where wood is in a small kitchen but not part of the color scheme. In this instance, the natural wood tone and color are vital in enhancing and rounding out the glossy, clinical look of white and teal. The sky blue lower cabinets and white walls give this kitchen a soft vibe and follow the color wheel order. With white walls, the space is brighter.

The colors are reminiscent of ice and water and meld with warmer natural tones. A simple, sleek, earth-centered color palette for any kitchen. Try a dark wood from Benjamin Moore if you wanted to create a different tone.

Blue And Tan

Blue and Tan Kitchen color Scheme

Speaking of earth-centered, you won’t find a more natural feeling than blues and tans with kitchen color schemes like this. This paint color pair has been around since water and beaches first met, but the balance of elements is key to this modern kitchen’s appeal.

Alchemy and concrete countertops add much-needed fire elements. Glass subway tiles are unique in their mosaic presentation, and the lines are simple and straightforward. This is a great kitchen color scheme.

A dark blue would also work if you like darker colors. The kitchen designed by brennanarch shows how blue and tan, when combined, can turn your kitchen into a celebration of paint color. Plus, the natural light would add ambiance.

Aquamarine And Tan (Wood)

Aquamarine kitchen color scheme

Few paint color combinations are as historic as the aqua-and-sand kitchen color schemes. But the palette is relevant in kitchen color schemes. Various aqua tints appear on the light blue backsplash and countertops to add depth and warmth to the kitchen. Better homes know through market research that lighter colors help improve products. Also, the aqua tile backsplash is soothing on the eyes.

Wood provides balance amid bold colors. The paint color is striking without showing off. This kitchen designed by designgroupthree shows the best way to pull off the colors.

Lime, Grey, And White

Lime, Grey, & White Kitchen Color Scheme

A bold color among kitchen color schemes doesn’t mean the entire space has to revolve around that hue. A strategic vibrant pop of paint color is enough to make it part of the color palette. For a color accent against while walls or a tile backsplash, add a pastel for your window treatments.

While other neutral color schemes maintain a sense of modernity and sophistication. The Benjamin Moore lime green kitchen backsplash and cabinet interiors in accomplish the overall affect. If you don’t want a solid green kitchen, then a lighter hue offers a better option.

Chartreuse And White

Chartreuse & White Kitchen color Scheme

Chartreuse is a retro-modern color that looks historic and hip. Glossy kitchen cabinetry on one wall in chartreuse adjoining matte, blonde wood-like kitchen cabinetry on the other wall provides balance and crisp lines. The chartreuse color plays a vital role in sharpening the pale paint color schemes. The colors come to life when combined with natural light, but as always you can go with your personal style for a completely fresh look.

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Yellow, White And Charcoal

Yellow, White,& Charcoal Kitchen

We’ve seen grey and yellow kitchen color schemes in living rooms, home offices, bedrooms, and nurseries. But kitchen paint shouldn’t be excluded from the list where this color scheme looks updated. This three-way color combination creates a gray-green vibe. The wall color reinforces the power of the overall design.

There’s a good blend of depth with the charcoal tones, punched up and infused with positive chi by the yellow. White accents round out the overall kitchen color by Benjamin Moore paint. This is a fun, crisp color scheme for a kitchen.

Vermillion, Magenta, And Pale Blue

Vermillion, Magenta and Pale Blue Kitchen Color

Bright white is a key player in this colorful kitchen, but the color schemes are the attraction. A unique vermillion farmhouse sink brings personality and spunk to the kitchen. The repeated magenta skirts create a charming, retro, friendly vibe. If you wanted to add more style, you could accent the kitchen with sky blue light fixtures. If you wanted an all-white kitchen, be prepared to spend more time cleaning than cooking.

And the pale blue paint color tile backsplash tempers the stark contrast and paint color schemes between bright jewel tones and the white cabinets. If you wanted something darker, you could try a cobalt blue. This kitchen designed by thecrossdesign demonstrates the beauty of a well-balanced color scheme. The kitchen island also offers a studious vibe.

Color-blocked Lime, Plum, And Aqua

Colorblocked Lime, Plum, and Aqua Kitchen Color Scheme

A discussion of modern color schemes wouldn’t be complete without an example of paint color blocking. Vibrant hues appear in large groups, separated by the most neutral of tones, dark wood. The Benjamin Moore cobalt blue makes for a soothing kitchen tile backsplash. The colors make this design an airy kitchen worthy of Laura Moss. The base cabinetry fits with the countertops.

The richness and depth of plum near the floor help ground this paint color scheme; aqua glass tiles create the illusion of water, and an interior lime cabinet provides the perfect pop of shock. It’s energetic, youthful, and contemporary.

Earthy Tones

Kitchen color scheme marble

Brown tones combined with grays and hints of green or other natural color schemes give a kitchen an organic and inviting look. It’s nice to pay attention to the materials, finishes, and the textures used throughout the space. The granite backsplash also adds depth to this design. The dark kitchen cabinet colors complement the cream color island.

Natural Wood And Neutrals

Kitchen color scheme marble

Natural wood is a beautiful material. In the kitchen, it can help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and it can be used for the flooring, furniture, and other design elements. Combine it with neutral color schemes to draw more attention to it beauty. The kitchen cabinet colors match the soft brown monochromatic vibe.

Contrasting Neutrals

Kitchen color scheme marble

Just because a paint color is neutral and doesn’t stand out in a vibrant manner doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting. One idea is to combine two or more neutrals and highlight the differences between them. This way they each stand out by contrasting with the other colors. With this look, natural wood cabinets add modern charm.

Matte Black

Kitchen color scheme marble

Matte black is an elegant and beautiful kitchen paint color, but there’s something about the combination of black and matte finishes that makes this kitchen color stand out. This is also a look that suits modern and contemporary styles.  This design features a classic color style. The kitchen cabinet colors shift from black to dark brown to create a dark industrial vibe.

Simple Colors And Rich Finishes

Kitchen color scheme marble

Colors can be simple, and you can still give your kitchen an interesting look. This kitchen color scheme takes its color cue from brown hues. The trick is to add texture and play with different finishes to create a balanced design. Check out how rich this décor is even though it has a subdued color scheme that feels warm.

Airy Kitchen Subtle Color Variations 

Kitchen color scheme marble

Another interesting idea is to use different nuances of the same base color. You can rely on different finishes to create a diverse and interesting kitchen color design. This kitchen look offers inspiring ideas.

Light Gray And Bright Yellow

Kitchen color scheme marble

Gray and yellow are two colors that go well together. Gray is a neutral color and overlooked. Yellow is the opposite. The rich and vibrant color is full of energy. Together, they’re a perfect match. The gray mixes well with light colors, but yellow might be its best partner.

Patterns And Outlines

Kitchen color scheme marble

When the colors are simple and subdued or not interesting, it can be fun to play around with various patterns to add life to a décor. This kitchen is not lacking character.

Metal Accents

Kitchen color scheme marble

The kitchen is a space often filled with various types of appliances, accessories and various fixtures which could quite easily become an important element in the overall color scheme of the room. Consider using stainless steel or other metal accents in the design.

Light And Dark Nuances

Kitchen color scheme marble

When using both light and dark colors it’s common to have them placed next to one another to highlight the contrast between them. However, if you want a more subtle transition, consider adding in-between nuances like a dark blue and concentrate the extremes in different areas.

Similar But Different

Kitchen color scheme marble

There are colors that share certain elements and are similar but also different. Some Benjamin Moore colors schemes are for show purposes. Brown, beige, and other variations could look quite interesting when combined.

Balanced Palettes
Kitchen color scheme marble

When working with multiple colors, proportions are very important. A lot of times a kitchen would have a base color and an accent tone. However, that’s not the only option. Here you can see light natural wood mixed with matte black, light gray tones and a bit of white. Everything is balanced.

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Organic Connections

Kitchen color scheme marble

The colors used here may not be the nuances you might consider putting together but they look nice in this context. The key with colors that don’t go together is to create organic connections and transitions.

Contrasting Backdrops

Kitchen color scheme marble

Do you want to know what is a good color for a kitchen? Here’s one answer that goes deep. Look how this bright yellow wall would be overpowering if it wasn’t for the gray wall unit in front. Since a small part of the wall is for show purposes, it looks pleasant and adds energy to the kitchen.

From Top To Bottom

Kitchen color scheme marble

When you ask what is a good color to paint a kitchen, you must consider a several factors. One strategy is to dedicate specific areas to different colors. The high ceiling in this kitchen provides an opportunity to divide the room horizontally.

Here you can see how gray is used for the upper section and white for the lower one. With improved products in design and paint technology, a sharper style is achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Should Kitchen Soffit Be Painted Same Color As Walls?

Many people believe soffit and trim should be the same color. If the soffit and ceilings are textured, then the soffit should match the ceiling. When the ceiling is only textured, the soffit should be the same color as the wall.

What Color Kitchen Cabinets Go With Almond?

If you have an almond kitchen, paint your cabinets with teal. Another option would be Robin’s egg blue with almond cabinets and almond subway tiles with a pickled bead board ceiling. 

What Is A Good Color To Paint A Kitchen?

What is a good color for a kitchen will depend on the kitchen and you. Most US kitchens are white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green. According to home design experts, the color schemes contribute something unique to the space. One thing they have in common is they help create a welcoming homes gardens environment. It is believed that warmer colors like red can stimulate appetites. Also, with any kitchen never underestimate the power of a hot tile backsplash.

What Is The Next Trend In Kitchens?

For 2022, interior design experts and decorators have said that colorful cabinetry, a tile backsplash, and high-class accented details will be popular. 

What Colors Make A Kitchen Look Bigger?

Bright white or light colors are more reflective than dark tones. White walls in a kitchen will make it appear bigger and open with colors like white and lime green. Lighter blues, greens, or pale yellows will also make your space look bigger than what it is. A light colored tile backsplash would also give your kitchen depth.

What Are The Modern Colors For A Kitchen?

Although the popular kitchen colors are white, blue, yellow, red, green, and orange, the hues can be modernized, and even more so with a small space. For a real modern look, blue is the go-to shade for a cooking space. 

Should Kitchen Cabinets Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

A light cabinet color will provide a kitchen space with an immaculate and open feel, while darker hues offer a more dramatic look. When a kitchen has a wall that is a different color than the other walls, you should see it as an opportunity to create contrast. With a red brick wall, for example, a color combination for your cabinets would add depth. You can pair the cabinets with a tile backsplash contrast for dramatic effect.

Kitchen Colors Conclusion

When selecting a color or any kitchen color scheme, you now have plenty of information on which colors are best. Should you want a minimalist or industrial look, a gray kitchen with stainless steel appliances would be best, but there’s no such thing as a perfect design. Go with a statement wall and design around that if you’re nervous about painting your entire kitchen. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with creating a neutral space.


If you have a kitchen island, take advantage of its position, and show purposes. Or if you wanted to give your kitchen a unique color accent or subtle pattern, a blue kitchen island would provide the right touch. If you wanted a warm cozy feel, a green kitchen might be the right fit for you and your family. Instead of colors, there’s also décor, like wood cabinets to consider.


When adding color, don’t hesitate to use kitchen paint color contrasts or make a bold statement with a tile backsplash, even if you’re working with a small space. More than anything, you want your dining area to feel warm. Remember, it’s your home, which means you don’t work on paid commissions. Also, there are plenty of kitchen cabinet ideas that offer variety of style. 


Whatever you decide, when making a bold statement, add personality where it counts.

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