25 Designs Délicieux Pour Votre Petit Espace Cuisine

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When looking at small kitchen ideas, you’ll discover how versatile the spaces are. If you have a tiny kitchen, then you should make the most of it. Finding the right small kitchen design isn’t hard, but it requires effort. 

Small Kitchen Ideas

If you live in a studio apartment, for example, you’ll want to keep reading. Here, we’ll give you 25 ideas on how you can make the most of your small kitchen. 

A small kitchen layout is an opportunity to use your creative abilities and discover how anything is possible. 

Average Kitchen Size

Before we begin, let’s put things in perspective. The average kitchen size is roughly 70 square feet.

How big is the standard average small kitchen?

A mid-size kitchen is between 100 and 200 square feet. Anything larger would be considered a large kitchen. You may think bigger is better with kitchen sizes, but that’s not always true.  

Open Vs Closed Kitchen Design

With kitchen designs, one thing to consider is whether an open or closed layout is best for you. Each style offers pros and cons you should be familiar with before making a decision.  

Open vs closed kitchen layout design

Open kitchens don’t have walls or barriers. The space isn’t separated from adjacent areas like a living or dining area. The kitchen is open and visible at all times, so if you have dirty dishes, your guests will see them.

Open Kitchen Layout 

An open kitchen is all about what the name suggests: openness.


  • An open kitchen is ideal for small homes. The space doesn’t have walls, dividers, or doors, so maneuverability is an advantage. 
  • Open kitchens are welcoming. The design makes it easy for family members and guests to interact. 


  • An open kitchen doesn’t allow for privacy when cooking. It also doesn’t contain noise, so your entire home can hear everything that happens in the kitchen.

Closed Kitchen Layout

A closed kitchen offers the benefits that an open kitchen doesn’t have.  


  • With a closed kitchen, your cooking space feels like a separate room. You have privacy and also less pressure to keep the area clean. 


  • Because there are walls and dividers, you don’t have much of a connection with the rest of your home. 

25 Small Kitchen Design Ideas 

Let’s take a look at how a small kitchen can be designed for optimum space. 

Compact Kitchen Design

A stylish small black and white kitchen combo design

Squeezed inside a 29 square meter apartment in Wroclaw, Poland, this small kitchen was designed by Ewa Czerny. It’s not complicated when you want to make your kitchen look stylish. Two black pendant lights punctuate the tiny space.

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Kitchen Nook

A little nook kitchen with folding doors

This tiny kitchen in Moscow, Russia was designed by Studio Bazi. connected to a large storage unit. The kitchen is hidden behind two large closet doors. There’s enough room for a kitchen sink and tiny heating pad. 

Open Plan Space

Modern open-open kitchen with space divider

Modern homes often have floor plans. The kitchen, living room, and dining area share a single unit. This 38 square meter apartment in Brazil has a  divider separating the kitchen and living space. This design is by Estúdio BRA.

Natural Light

Bright and airy kitchen with a tiny island

This example from Paris, France was designed by Richard Guilbault. Here you can see how natural light and the color white can make a small kitchen appear bigger. Three off-white pendant lights accent the tiny kitchen. This lighting style has become increasingly popular in the US.

Cramped Space Combo

Clever kitchen and laundry room combo

This kitchen designed by architect Brad Swartz is too small for a full-sized fridge but has plenty of room for a mini-version. There’s also room for a dual washing machine-dryer.

Red And White Paint Combo

Cheerful little kitchen with red accents

This tiny kitchen could pass as a homage to the White Stripes. Room dividers are useful in small apartments because they allow one to organize the floor plan. This Paris apartment has a 25 square meter floor plan and custom design is from studio SWAN Architectes.

Wall Kitchen

Open-plan social area with a linear kitchen

This is what you’d imagine from Tokyo, Japan. Instead of separate rooms with solid walls between them,Yuichi Yoshida & Associates gave this apartment a double duty open layout.  

Open Kitchen With Island

All-white kitchen with an island

This apartment from Barcelona was designed by Eva Cotman . Notice how the light fixtures provide enough light for the small kitchen.  

Modern Minimalist Small Kitchen

Minimalist design with a bright pop of color

For a small kitchen, it’s a big kitchen. The same color, white, dominates the entire space and then some. This was a project by studio BETILLON / DORVAL‐BORY. The design includes hidden spaces for you to store less frequently used items.

Open Studio Kitchen

A good balance between open and closed storage

With smaller kitchens, the open layout seems to be the way to go. This design created by llabb is a great source of inspiration for those without much space. With the sink on one side and the cooktop on the other, is a great option to make the room appear bigger. 

Corner Kitchen Layout

Minimalist kitchen with an eye-catching backsplash

With sleek kitchen cabinetry, the room feels bigger than what it is. The This apartment, designed by Studio Bazi, shows you what can happen if you plan carefully.  

White Cabinets

Space-efficient pull-out kitchen table idea

A retractable wall, like this example from IR Arquitectura opens up the kitchen and provides extra floor space during warmer months.

White Kitchen With Dining Table

A wooden storage unit that grounds the kitchen

After a complete remodel, this small apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil received a makeover from studio Vão. The open shelving above the kitchen sink provides extra room for glassware. Meanwhile, the wooden storage unit underneath complements the white cabinets at the top.

Galley Style Kitchens

Galley kitchens are long and narrow. They have base cabinets, counters, or other services located on one or both sides of a central walkway.

A clever and simple way to expand a tiny kitchen

This small galley kitchen is efficient. It was designed by MKCA, a studio with extensive knowledge when it comes to micro homes. They expanded the small kitchen to give it a storage pantry.

A good use of the corner area

Speaking of custom furniture and small kitchen layouts, check out another inspiring space designed by Ruetemple and located in Moscow.

Although the kitchen is tiny, it has plenty of storage as well as room for basic appliances, a large fridge, good lighting, and even a small fold-down table.

Colorful wallpaper walls and tile floor

Some kitchens are small and some are tiny, like this one for instance. This is a corner kitchen with barely enough room for basic things like a stove and sink. 

Small kitchen with large windows and cute shades

A large window provides enough light in this galley style kitchen. The windows let in sunlight and make this tiny room feel bright and airy. 

Industrial Mini Kitchen Design

Industrial-style kitchen with stainless steel countertops

This penthouse apartment features an industrial stainless steel look offset with a light blue color palette. The interior design is from VORBILD Architecture

Open Kitchen With Island

Eye-catching kitchen island with a brick base

The secret to maintaining a spacious ambiance in this small one-room apartment is the Scandinavian design. Notice the kitchen island is made of brick.

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Small Kitchen With Wall Cabinets

Dark wood kitchen with blue accents

The blue wall cabinets in the top left and right corners balance this small kitchen design. When working with the bare minimum, installing wall cabinets increases your storage space in ways you never thought possible.

Tiny Kitchen With Dining Room

A big kitchen island that doubles as a bar

The paint color combination is a mood changer in this small kitchen. The colors and how the island doubles as a bar and as a space divider is a winning combination. 

Seamless White

Strategic use of white in a small kitchen

This is how the color white works. One thing you should know is that with white, you will spend more time cleaning. However, with a small kitchen, it won’t take long to clean. This is from interior design company Spectra Design.

Black Kitchen White Island

Living with a small kitchen - one person seat

Contrary to general belief, black isn’t gloomy. Often, the color is the ideal nuance to complement white walls with. That’s why the black and white combo is timeless. This kitchen layout is from Natura Design.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Glossy black with soothing beige accents

If you’re not sure if black cabinets are the way to go, this design will change your mind. Black doesn’t only look elegant when combined with white. Most coffee machines are black, so they’ll match the cabinets.

Explore A Color Palette

Living with a small kitchen - one person seat

You can use bright colors and soft pastels to make a small kitchen appear bigger and airy. Lighter colors reflect light and will make a tight space seem like it has more room. 

Kitchen Flooring 

One of the first things to decide when designing or remodeling a kitchen is what type of flooring you should use. There’s quite a few different options to choose from and each one is good in its own way. The two most popular ones and the ones often considered the best are hardwood and tile.

Hardwood Floors

This is your best option if you want a classic and timeless look for the kitchen. Hardwood floors are durable and water-resistant when given the proper treatment. More importantly, hardwood floors have a unique warmth which can make your kitchen more inviting. 

Tile Floors

This is the go-to option for wet spaces like the bathroom, kitchen, or mudroom for example. Tile floors are waterproof, which is an important feature. Tiles can be arranged in different patterns, so you can exercise you DIY skills.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint

In case you didn’t know, you can paint kitchen cabinets to easily change their appearance. This allows you to change your kitchen’s look without replacing the furniture or spending too much money.

But what type of paint should you look for if you decide to give this project a try?

The best paint for kitchen cabinets

Oil Based Paint

Oil based paint is respected because it creates a uniform surface. It’s durable for high traffic surfaces. With oil-based paints, you either love it or you don’t. Yes, they paint is durable, and will give you a beautiful finish.

Latex Paint

Latex paint is safer and more environmentally-friendly compared to oil-based paint. It’s also durable and cheaper, which are two reasons why people love it.

Hybrid Enamel Paint

After latex paint was developed, researchers discovered this hybrid. The enamel is great for hard surfaces. 

Kitchen Remodel Cost

What is The Real Kitchen Remodel Cost

Some of the projects and ideas presented here might have inspired you to give your own kitchen a makeover. Before you make the final decision, assess your situation.

Why Remodel?

To get an idea of the direction your project is going in, ask why you want to remodel. Is it because you need extra storage space? Or is it because you want a blush pink kitchen?

If you’re doing it because you want to change the appearance of your kitchen, then you could reduce costs if you plan carefully. 

What Do You Need?

When creating a budget, you should make a list of essential items you’ll need to buy. For example, if you want to change the floor in the kitchen, include this on your list. 

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Can You Do It Alone?

You can definitely save a lot of money by taking care of the kitchen remodel yourself. However, you might be prepared for that and you might possess the required knowledge or tools to do so. You could also hire a professional for some things and take care of others yourself and this can also save you a bit of money in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Can I Make A Tiny Kitchen Seem Bigger?

The first thing you can do is paint the kitchen white. The color white makes a room appear seamless. Adding a door that opens up to your backyard would turn your kitchen into an airy space.

And as a final touch, install open shelves on your walls. With extra shelves, you’ll have more room for your kitchen supplies. 

How Much Does It Cost To Redo A Small Kitchen?

The industry average for a kitchen redo is €150 per square foot for materials and labor. Smaller kitchen remodels cost between €9,500 and €14,250. If you place careful thought into your design plans, you might find a way to do it at a cheaper cost. 

How To Add More Counter Space In A Small Kitchen?

To add counter space to a tiny kitchen, build an extension cabinet. It wouldn’t require you to knock anything down or remodel the space. Another idea would be to include a portable kitchen island. When you’re not using it, you can store it somewhere else. 

Where To Put A Fridge In A Small Kitchen?

You want an integrated fridge for your tiny kitchen. It would allow you to hide it inside specially made cabinetry. This way, not only would you have a place for it, but it would remain hidden and out of the way. 

Do Black Cabinets Make A Kitchen Look Small?

It’s well-known that dark colors will make a room appear smaller. If you’re thinking about installing black cabinets in your tiny kitchen, you’ll need to offset the black color with a lighter color. 

Small Kitchen Ideas Conclusion

The only difference between a tiny kitchen and a big one is the size. Both kitchens are versatile and offer room for you to make them bigger or more useful. With tighter spaces, you’ll want to maximize storage. 

Remodeling a tiny kitchen is a fun DIY home improvement project. To get started, make a breakfast bar. It would provide more storage space for your tableware and glasses. You could also add custom cabinetry for your pots and pans.

It may seem like you have zero space in your small kitchen, but the truth is, you don’t. Small spaces provide opportunities to explore your creative abilities within the realm of minimalist design. Once you redesign your tiny kitchen, it helps you feel positive about your cooking space. 

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