130 designs de cuisine à parcourir pour s’inspirer.

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There’s a time to be practical and there’s a time to look beautiful. When discussing interior design, it’s not a matter of choice but rather an issue of finding the right way to combine these two approaches and to use them harmoniously. The kitchen design presents a series of particular challenges in this sense. This is where you have to be precise in making the most of the available space and in focusing on functionality without neglecting style.

Rodolphe Parente Kitchen design with copper accents

It’s hard to have it all in a kitchen, especially when space is limited. If possible, take advantage of your kitchen’s large windows by placing a bench seat along them, thus creating a comfortable breakfast nook or a small dining area. Rudolphe Parente offers the right amount of inspiration in this sense.

Marble kitchen countertop with a white design

A different way of making the most of a kitchen’s large windows and view is by designing cabinetry along that wall and positioning the sink right in front of the window. This way you can admire the view while washing the dishes. Check out the layout proposed here by Anne Decker Architects for more details.

multifunctional kitchen design with an island

The kitchen island often occupies a central position, serving as a multifunctional piece of furniture. You can use it for storage, as a bar, breakfast area or as a prep space when cooking. Some islands even have built-in sinks. It’s up to you to decide which elements are most important.

Farm inspired kitchen with wooden beams

The old exposed beams are in this case the main attraction, not only for the kitchen but for the rest of the open floor plan as well. Garde Hvalsøe furnished it with simple pieces that mix old and new, modern and rustic in a very natural and beautiful way.

Grey concrete kitchen design

One of our favorite color combinations for the kitchen is the orange and gray. These two colors can be combined in a variety of stylish ways. Gray kitchen cabinets, for example, can be complemented by orange wall décor or accent elements such as bar stools or counters. Rob Mills Architects chose to also add a few earthy details to the mix.

Black and white combo kitchen design

The timeless black and white combo is also worth mentioning. A kitchen using this combo has the potential to look very chic and elegant. We find the tiled backsplash used here by Widawscy Studio Architektury to be particularly interesting and inspiring.

Black kitchen design with a beautiful mosaic backsplash

Disc Interiors chose in this case to use black kitchen cabinets, a decision that proved to have very elegant results. The combination between open and closed shelves and storage spaces placed against the white and gray background is striking and eye-catching. Moreover, the patterned backsplash breaks the monotony with its geometric print.

White washed kitchen furniture with a black paint wall

A rather different approach was used here by Katrin Arens. This is a kitchen which plays with contrasts on a very simple level. At the same time, it’s a space that feels very inviting and user-friendly thanks to all the natural wood used for the furniture. The fact that the black accent wall is not covered with robust cabinetry establishes an airy ambiance.

Black pendant lamps over kitchen island

A kitchen can stand out even if it’s decorated with a very simple color palette. In the case of the kitchen designed by William Burton Leopardi, the beauty of the space comes from the high ceiling, the stylish pendant lamps, the sculptural island and the proximity to glass doors that lead outside while also letting abundant light in.

Wall plates on wall storage for kitchen

In addition to making the most of the windows present in the kitchen, you can also emphasize the bright, open and airy ambiance in here by using white as the main color. Moreover, another good ideas is to make use of open cabinetry and shelves and glass door panels. Keep in mind that the result will most likely have traditional influences.

Open kitchen with marble backsplash and wood island

The island is the element which usually separates an open kitchen concept from the dining or living spaces. A large kitchen island such as the one used here by Cortney Bishop can also serve as a bar, expanding the social area beyond the lounge spaces. The fact that the island had an exposed wood base also allows it to stand out and separate itself from the rest of the kitchen.

Decorate the kitchen with colored appliances

An interesting idea is to decorate the kitchen with colored appliances. The usual white and stainless steel elements can be replaced with more eye-catching ones. The refrigerator featured here by Hello Kitchen is a lovely option for a home that includes a few rustic or vintage accents.

Nature inspired kitchen cupboards color

On the other hand, if you don’t want to draw attention with your kitchen appliances, you can hide them inside custom-made furniture. The refrigerator can be disguised as a large cabinet or pantry and the oven and everything else can fit in naturally by using the same strategy. Check out the design proposed by Workstead for more inspiration.

Open space kitchen structure

Instead of treating the kitchen as a compact structure, you can choose a different design approach and a layout that allows you to maximize your floor plan. An interesting example is offered here by Jonathan Tuckey Design. This is an open kitchen designed around a central dining space. At the same time, the kitchen ensures a smooth transition between the social areas.

Kitchen lighting plays an important role

Kitchen lighting plays an important role in the overall design of this space. This is an area that needs abundant natural light as well as plenty of artificial light, strategically positioned and able to complement the natural light. Simo Design shows here how a set of three large pendant lamps can solve all related problems.

Skylight kitchen lighting


If the kitchen can’t benefit from regular windows, other solutions must be found. Dorrington Atcheson Architects offer a few interesting and useful alternatives with this design. The clerestory windows are a good idea and they can be used in combination with skylights and an open floor plan that brings more light from adjacent spaces.

Black mosaic for kitchen backsplash

Like we always say, balance is important when designing and decorating a space, regardless of its function or size. Studio Hare + Klein recognizes that too. The kitchen they designed here is a beautiful example. Its dark-stained cabinetry is complemented by white walls and ceiling, a graphical backsplash and a set of small, chic and white pendant lights.

Balance is important in kitchen

Although the kitchen is not where you commonly expect to see strong colors or opulent finishes, this doesn’t mean there’s no room for such details here. In fact, a kitchen can welcome golden or metallic accents and colorful wall art in its design. These are just a few of the many interesting kitchen ideas you can customize to suit your own preferences.

Wooden kitchen island on wheels


We can’t really stress enough the fact that we find open shelves to be extremely practical and versatile, especially in the kitchen where they can be used in a lot of great ways. For instance, you can decorate them with colorful mugs or dishes, use them to organize your spices or as storage for various small things you usually use in here.

Pandolfini Architects Kitchen with marble backsplash

If you want your kitchen backsplash to be more than just a tiled surface between your counter and the wall-mounted cabinetry, perhaps it’s time to treat it differently. The backsplash can cover more than just that small area. You can choose to expose it like Pandolfini Architects did here.

Long and narrow kitchen with open shelves with expoed brackets

A long and narrow kitchen is often a nightmare. But we’re actually exaggerating in this case. There are ways to make such a floor plan look charming and spacious without sacrificing its functionality. The key is to find the right combination of open shelves, closed storage spaces, built-in appliances and a fresh and simple color palette, preferably based on white.

Black masculine kitchen design

On the other hand, when space is not necessarily a problem, you might even want to make use of dark colors in order to make the space feel more comfortable. Ross Tang Architects propose here a design based on matte black mixed with white and stainless steel accents.

Open concept kitchen design wood floor

When dealing with an open concept kitchen, it’s sometimes difficult to ensure a smooth and natural transition from this space to the adjacent ones. The island is usually the mediator. Nadine Nakache Design shows here how you can connect the spaces through the views they offer.

Mirrored base for kitchen island

The fact this kitchen island has a mirrored base allows it to connect the kitchen to the adjacent social area by reflecting their own interior designs. The strategy is simple and quite brilliant. In addition, the mirrored base makes the island appear to be floating, offering it a lightweight appearance.

kitchen with subway tiles and farm table

There’s no need to have an open floor plan that includes three separate spaces in order to explore the beauty of an open concept kitchen. Designer Sophie Burke reveals how a large kitchen can incorporate a dining area without making of these two areas feel small and giving them each their own character.

Wood ceramic tiles design for kitchen

Although ceramic tiles are the most popular choice for kitchen flooring, this is not the only option. Jen Langston Interiors shows us here just how beautiful a kitchen with a wooden floor can be. This is a good option when you want the kitchen’s design to match the rest of the open floor plan. The wooden floor allows you to connect all the spaces.

Kitchen without upper cabinets

It’s quite rare to see a kitchen that has no wall-mounted cabinetry. But as unusual as this design approach may seem, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that this kitchen stands out and looks imposing and refreshing. By eliminating the upper cabinets you expose the wall allowing its color to stand out and you also make room for task lighting in the form of hanging pendants.

High kitchen floor plan

Apart from an open floor plan which contains the kitchen, living and dining area, a different way of connecting these spaces while also ensuring that they each have their own privacy and individual character can be created with the help of a high ceiling. In such a case, these spaces can be defined by wall dividers which instead of going all the way up to the ceiling leave the top section open.

White kitchen with tiny mosaic for backsplash

A white kitchen needs an accent color to avoid being monotonous. The accent color doesn’t necessarily have to be very strong and eye-catching. Even a neutral such as gray can offer the desired contrast. Consider a white and gray kitchen with dark stained wood flooring if you also want the space to feel warm and welcoming.{found on styleathome}.

Bohemian kitchen design look

Other interesting accent colors which can be used in the kitchen are the pastels. A soft shade of pink or orange can give the space a bohemian look. Mix it with a few earthy tones and industrial details to balance out the look. Perhaps some bar stools with metal structures or a copper pipe hanger can do the trick.

Traditional area rug for kitchen

Never underestimate the impact an area rug or a carpet can have on a room’s interior décor and the atmosphere inside. The kitchen is no exception. It too can benefit from a small area rug. You can have it placed in front of your prep area for increased comfort while cooking or under the table is there is one in the room. The rug can also add a touch of color to the space.

Pastel color kitchen by Mark Lewis

Since we just mentioned pastels as accent colors, check out this kitchen designed by Mark Lewis. Those cute pink chairs are definitely very charming. They look well in combination with the crisp white walls and cabinets and the small curtain in the corner. The turquoise and brown features ground the space, being welcomed contrasts.

Modern Contemporary kitchen design with a cool hood

A modern kitchen will often be defined by simplicity. This applies to everything from furniture to the chromatic palette, the wall décor and down to the little things. The designers at Loft Szczecin gave this kitchen a simplistic and futuristic look using white and gray as the main combo, mixed with touches of wood.

Ecletic kitchen design

When you can’t decide on a single style, settle for an eclectic kitchen. It can include influence from numerous different styles and it can include elements such as classical chairs mixed with modern ones, a traditional chandelier, rustic cabinetry and vintage finishes.

Antique dining table for kitchen area

The team at Gilles & Boissier decided to make an antique table the centerpiece of this rather small kitchen. The table has a detailed frame with intricately carved details and a simple wooden top. The chairs organized around it match it in style. The actual kitchen furniture is white and simple as not to overwhelm the space.

Black kitchen design with an industrial vibe

A beautiful example of a kitchen with an industrial-style interior was designed by Standard Studio. It has exposed wooden beams on the ceiling which warm up the décor and the ambiance. The abundance of metallic elements and finishes mixed with the gray tones establish an elegant and, at the same time, casual dialogue with the rest of the space.

Comfortable kitchen with a farmtable

A different but no less interesting and intriguing design approach was used by Serge Castella when designing this very inviting and comfortable kitchen. As you can see, the ambiance is very warm and pleasant, feeling created by the abundance of wood elements and all the earthy and organic details and colors. The uninished walls, the expressive sculptures and even the table all play their own part increating this very lovely ambiance.

Casual ambience kitchen design

A casual ambiance can also be established through a variety of other methods. A beautiful example is offered by Lynda Gardener. This is a very casual-looking kitchen which incorporates features such as a small mobile island/ cart, cabinetry with glass doors and distressed finishes.

Marble ktichen design with a barn door

The marble kitchen island top and backsplashes are mixed in this case with a barn-style door painted white to match the wall, a pair of industrial pendant lamps and exposed ceiling beams with irregular and organic shapes. The result is a one-of-a-kind look.

Kitchen that open to an open area

A kitchen floor plan which opens up to a living area has to be flexible and to ensure a seamless and natural transition between these spaces. At the same time, the kitchen has to have its own personality. Employing a constant palette of materials and colors throughout the open floor plan is one of ways in which to make that happen.

Brass chandelier over kitchen and extesion of island

A kitchen island with a table extension such as the one used here by Olga Akulova can prove to be a space-efficient element when you’re trying to save space by adjoining the dining area to the kitchen. However, considering the size of the island as well as everything else featured here, this seems more like a way to add comfort to the space.

Shed kitchen design with painted white bricks and wood accents

A modern kitchen can be minimalistic and inviting at the same time. This is beautifully shown here by la SHED. This is a kitchen where white, black and wood come together to create harmony. In addition, the brick wall now painted white further increases the charm of the space.

Shoot factory kitchen design white wood and white - wine fridge

A similarly beautiful kitchen design was designed here with a large wall units which incorporates ample storage space for all the necessary things in such a space. In addition, the large island offers additional drawers as well as a built-in wine cooler.

Pegboard furniture for kitchen

An accurate description if this kitchen could descibe it as being feminine, casual, chic and cheerful. The modular wall feature is particularly eye-catching. It has holes arranged in a grid which allow the various modules, shelves and boxes to be rearranged as desired using rods.

Rustic and industrial elements for kitchen

Rustic and industrial elements were put together here and the result is a kitchen with a dramatic interior design based on strong materials and finishes. The color palette was kept neutral and simple in order to emphasize the textures and to highlight certain accent details such as the bar stool frames.

Hairpin legs for chairs

The hairpin legs of these bar stools create a lightweight appearance and, in contrast, the furry seat covers add a heavy touch to their design, making them look very cozy and comfortable. The stools are the accent details that give character to this kitchen. Everything else is simple but, of course, elegant and with a hint of sophistication. This is a space designed by McIntosh Moorman.

Kitchen with chalkboard walls

We find chalkboard walls to be very entertaining, fun and functional and so did Martyn Thompson when designing this charming kitchen. The chalkboard wall is perfect for writing on lists, recipes, messages or simply for doodling on for fun. Combined with the French bistro-inspired details, it creates an awesome look for a kitchen.

kitchen with wooden top and white decor

It’s often the little things that matter the most in an interior design. For example, let’s have a look at this kitchen created by SVK Interior Design. Its charm lies in the small things like the black counter contrasting with the white furniture, the light green pendant lamp or the metallic vase siting on the wooden island top.

Gray shades and white subway tiles

When layered in multiple shades, gray can be a wonderful accent color. Even though it’s a neutral, it can definitely make a kitchen or a living room stand out. It’s fetured here in combination with white subway tiles and a floor and wall cabinet is off-white. Further more, gray is also integrated throughout the open floor plan.

Small black cupboards kitchen

Black can be just as charming and surprising. We’ve already mentioned our appreciation for black and white interiors but let’s review one more example. This kitchen designed by H2 Design + Build uses black and white is large blocks instead of evenly distributing them in small amounts. The result is a powerful décor.

Warm wood decorated kitchen

The luxurious beauty of this contemporary kitchen takes the form of a color palette based on white, wood and yellow. The combination is cheerful and chic. These three are harmoniously mixed and matched to create elegant furniture. This is a design by built.

Marble backsplash behind the faucet

Caroline Holdaway chose open shelves for this portion of the kitchen. As it turns out, the shelves are very practical and user-friendly. In addition, the fact that they can be used for both storage and display ensures a flexible and customizable interior décor.

Sandra Benhamou - kitchen design with a modern floor patern

One way of adding pattern and visual interesting to a kitchen is with tiled flooring. Of course, simplicity is also an option but sometimes a décor needs to be grounded by something in order to feel complete.

Decorate the kitchen with green accessories

A few touches of green can give the kitchen a fresh and vibrant look. These small green hints can be integrated in a variety of ways. A décor that’s mostly white and has a bright and airy feel could use some potted green plants. These can be equally charming in a kitchen dominated by darker shades such as the one designed by Hubert Zandberg Interiors.

neutral look kitchen design

Johnston Parke Interiors focused here on making the neutral look natural and on turning the kitchen into social space. The oval dining table is perfect for socializing while the open shelves maintain the décor open and airy. The pink accent chair is an unexpcted detail but it definitely has a lot of charm.

Color palette dark for kitchen

When the color palette is minimal and includes neutrals such as black, white and gray, you can make the interior design stand out by using interesting combinations of materials, finishes, prints and patterns. Halard-Halard used that startegy when designing this kitchen.

Yellow and black kitchen design

Everyone knows how powerful exposed brick walls can be when designing and decorating a space. But what about brick floors? They’re very interesting too and you can see here an intriguing example where a brick floor was used for a modern kitchen by Atticus & Milo.

Wood furniture for kitchen

This is a design by deVOL Kitchens in collaboration with Sebastian Cox. The overall impression is that of a very simple space with minimal furniture. The focus is not on perfection but rather on uniqueness. The black kitchen cabinet is the unexpected element which completes this space in the most wonderful way.

Making kitchen appear larger

Making a kitchen appear larger and more spacious than it actually is shouldn’t be very difficult as long as you’re using a suitable strategy. The layout featured here allowed the POCO Designs team to highlight the view and to give the space a very pure and crisp look by using white as the only color for the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture. An exception is the dining table and chair frames which has a dramatic impact of the décor.

Modern kitchen with a concrete top and floating island

McLaren Excell gave this modern kitchen an architectural and sculptural look by working with well-defined shapes and geometric forms, clean lines and pure materials. The cantilevered island extension serves a double purpose, both as a prep area and a table.

Small u shaped kitchen

Small kitchens are definitely more challenging. The limited space means all the necessary functions and details have to fit and complement each other. At the same time, the space shouldn’t feel too cluttered. An option suggested here by Carter Kay Interiors is to concentrate the storage underneath the counter and to leave the walls open. A few suspended shelves would be the perfect additions.

Enclosing the kitchen

Instead of enclosing the kitchen, Rob Kennon Architects chose in this case to open this space to the rest of the adjacent areas. This was done while adopting a raw and edgy design approach materialized into wooden shelving units and minimalist black cabinetry.

Marble island centerpiece design

The marble island is the centerpiece of this spacious and open kitchen. The island matches the backsplash which is quite special as well, only partially covering the space between the counter and the wall cabinetry and forming a small platform for displaying and storing small objects.

Different types of kitchen

With so many different types of kitchen island designs to choose from, it can prove difficult to pick a style. If you prefer something casual with a bit of rustic and industrial flair, perhaps the open design featured here by Smith Hanes Studio would be a suitable choice.

Glamouros kitchen design

It’s hard to resist not being seduced by this glamorous kitchen when you lay eyes on the stylish combination of black subway wall tiles and brass fixtures. The sink matches the drawer pulls and cabinet hardware and all these details look exquisite when placed on a black background. This is a design by Catherine Kwong.

mesmerizes kitchen design with stainless steel top

This is a kitchen which mesmerizes by putting together contrasting materials and finishes. The polished/ mirrored counter chosen by Labo Design Studio seems quite high-maintenance but it also has a very glamorous side.

Pipe shelving for kitchen

Pipe shelving may be simple and easy to create at home but this doesn’t diminish its beauty and uniqueness. In fact, the versatility of pipe shelving makes it an intriguing design choice for spaces such as this modern kitchen designed by FAB Architecture.

Minimalistic kitchen design with subway tiles

A minimalist kitchen such as this one needs this sculptural ceiling in order to be complete. The strong contrast created by the matte black furniture against the white wall and backsplash requires the wooden ceiling and its elegant design, this element offering the space the warmth necessary for a harmonious look.

Marble kitchen island with wood

It seems natural to compare this compact kitchen with a marble sculpture considering its most prominent feature: a unit wrapped in marble and complemented by a hanging counterpart wrapped in wood. This is the creation of Genesin Studio, a team that gave this kitchen a modern and yer retro look well worth our admiration.

Abstract kitchen design

It’s not immediately apparent that this space designed by Vincenzo de Cotiis architects is a kitchen. Everything about it is abstract, the design being a celebration of contrasts, forms, colors and tactile details.

Kitchen remodel with 3D floor pattern

For your next kitchen remodel, keep in mind the inspiring design created by Charlotte Vauvillier. This small kitchen is full of practical things. It has plenty of storage, an attractive design with built-in appliances and clean lines, a quirky and patterned floor with a geometric design and even a cute little table with two chairs.

Small and old kitchen design with a lot of reclaimed wood

By comparison, this small kitchen is nothing like the previous one. It lacks the delicate and clean cuts, the chic lines, the warm colors and the simplicity. The design featured here is characterized by a strong industrial look mixed with unfinished surfaces and crude finishes and materials.

Traditional kitchen with larger lampshades

There are many things which make a space look elegant. One is its architecture and the particularities characteristic to it. A good example is the open kitchen designed by Christine Lane Interiors. It has beautiful arched windows and doors that would make any home look elegant.

Open space kitchen and living room with a brown sofa

The way in which continuity is ensured in the case of the open plan kitchen designed by Austin Design Associates is peculiar and interesting. The kitchen has its own faux ceiling placed in continuation of a wall divider. It extends into the living area thus visually linking these two spaces.

Full black kitchen design with white countertop

All the black featured in the spacious kitchen designed by Surroundings and Jack Corner Design could make some feel uneasy. However, black is not dark and gloomy color unless you want it to be. This is color which, in the right contexts, can make a space feel comfortable, safe and inviting.

Kitchen layout that permit a bench and large table

A rather different approach was used by Feld Architecture when designing this bright and welcoming kitchen. As you can see, the layout and interior design were optimized to accommodate a large dining table at the center, this cabinetry placed along the window wall. The herringbone flooring mixed with the ceiling and door trims creates a particularly charming look.

Popular kitchen design with brass pendant lamps

The popular kitchen island which usually separates the kitchen from the rest of an open floor plan was repalced in the case of this design by Tatiana Nicol by a simple table with a sleek frame. The design of the table also impacts the kitchen itself, allowing it to look airy and emphasizing its spaciousness. The open shelves have the same role.

Clean white kitchen design with large windows and fireplace

Macdonald Wright Architects offer an interesting idea for a layout that incorporates the kitchen and the dining space. The kitchen benefits from a fireplace with a brick surround present in the dining area while the dining space gets to enjoy the natural light coming through the kitchen’s skylights. All in all, a very profitable exchange.

Small kitchen with space for stools under

One way to make a small kitchen seem bigger is by eliminating the upper cabinetry and replacingit with open shelves. However, this means sacrificing valuable storage space. That can be compensated for with a kitchen island which can include the required additional storage and perhaps even a built-in sink. Find more inspiration in this kitchen by Sisalla Interior Design.

Reclaimed wood kitchen island

Using reclaimed wood in the kitchen is one of the ways in which you can make this space feel more inviting by conterbalancing the cold ambiance created by the minimalist contemporary furniture. Bricks Studio shows here how reclaimed wood boards can be used in the kitchen of a very functional kitchen island.

Wood inspired kitchen with mid-century stools

Corners are difficult to furnish and, if you want to make the most of your kitchen, you need to find a way to use them. Corner kitchen cabinets are one option but, if you prefer something simpler, check out the open shelves used by Hare + Klein. They definitely look stylish considering the contrasting wall color and that of the adjacent cabinetry.

Simple white kitchen design

Just because a kitchen looks very simple doesn’t mean it lacks functionality. This particular design, for example, is very clean, featuring white walls, a white ceiling with exposed beams, small square tiles on this particular wall and matching cabinetry. However, the dark wood countertop, wall shelves and frame give this kitchen a graphical design.

Multiple materials for kitchen

The layering of multiple materials, colors and finishes results in a sophisticated design. This kitchen, for instance, is a Jolson project and its design is both graphical and space-efficient. By playing with various colors, finishes and forms, the designer managed to give this kitchen a seductive look.

White and wood kitchen with larger tiles for backsplash

It’s sometimes refreshing to introduce a third color in a design dominated by two very well balanced tones. Alexander &CO chose blue as an accent color for this white and wood kitchen. The mosaic backsplash thus becomes the focal point of this space.

Vintage kitchen design with painted backsplash

And when three colors are not enough, there’s also the option of introducing the forth, fifth and so on. Of course, this usually means the design would be eclectic and would have multiple focal points, similarly to this kitchen. This is also a good example showcasing how different styles can work together to create a pleasant ambiance.

modern interpretation of the classical eat-in kitchen

This modern interpretation of the classical eat-in kitchen has a well-balanced design which plays with extreme contrasts. The black furniture and tiled floor contrast with the white ceiling, curtains and with all the light coming through the full height sliding glass doors.

Small white kitchen with marble countertop

But it’s generally true that dark colors suit large spaces better than small ones. It’s why this kitchen uses white as the main color. The sleek black accents are welcomed details. In addition, the marble counter brings everything together.

Brown furniture design for kitchen layout

Brown is not usually a very popular color but the reality is it can be very beautiful. When mixed with nuances of green, turquoise and white, brown creates a very pleasant and comfortable ambiance, being reminiscent of the beauty usually found in the middle of nature. This kitchen design by Powerhouse Company proves it.

Cross shaped window above the kitchen

The cross-shaped window featured by this open kitchen is definitely an unusual detail. But even more impressive and eye-catching than that is the ornate chandelier displayed above the dining table. Its beauty also influences the kitchen.

Subway tiles for kitchen backsplash

It’s usually only the backsplash wall that’s sometimes fully covered in tiles. However, this design can extends to the adjacent walls as well. If the kitchen is open to another space, that too can feature subway tiled walls. Helberg Cummings Design illustrates how this strategy would work in the case of a kitchen – dining room combination.

Interior design With black floor and white beams

The vastness of this loft space is emphasized by the proportions and the layout featured by the interior design. The kitchen island, for example, stands out with its size and shape alone. Selldorf Architects also decided to make the ceiling beams part of the interior design.

Unfinished brick wall

This brick wall has numerous imperfections and instead of trying to hide them and to refinish and redesign the entire surface, the designer of this kitchen chose to embrace and highlight them. The backsplash does not cover the wall, allowing it to be used for storage and display.

Blending contemporary and classic for kitchen

Interior designer Stacey Kouros is known for blending complex color palettes with contemporary and classic forms and this chic kitchen is the perfect example to illustrate that. The parquet flooring matches the stool seats and the vintage green stool frames match one of the colors featured by the pendant lamp.

Mixture of modern and classical

A similarly chic mixture of modern and classical design details is featured in this charming kitchen designed by Madeleine Blachfield. The beauty is in the little details which, in this case, are not very numerous. They are also very subtle, influencing the décor without standing out.

Farmhouse sink on kitchen

Farmhouse sinks are easy to distinguish given their proportions and the fact that they are not built-in and hidden behind custom furniture. This makes a farmhouse sink an inevitable focal point, especially if the kitchen doesn’t include other dramatic or striking design details.

Combination of white and wood

The combination of white and wood is always beautiful and can come in many forms. This kitchen designed by Sawyer Berson proposes a mixture between a white subway tiled wall and a series of stained open shelves which match the lower cabinetry and feature a traditional, polished look.

Aspect of designing a kitchen

One of the most difficult aspects of designing an open plan kitchen is finding a way to individualize the space while allowing it to dialogue with the rest of the volume and establishing a seamless transition between them. This can be done by employing a color palette which is different from the rest of the space’s chromatic palette but which uses materials common to all spaces. Karen Akers offers us here a demonstration.

Working with exposed brick walls in kitchen

Working with exposed brick walls is not exactly a walk in the park. Nevertheless, interior designers generally agree that such an element can make a wonderful accent feature regardless of the style chosen for the space. As you can see in the case of this kitchen by Anne Sophie Goneau, even a minimalistic, contemporary design can make wonderful use of a brick wall.

Personal style for kitchen design

Your personal style is reflected in everything you do and every decision you make as well as in the design of your home. For example, a fun and playful person might choose a chalkboard wall for their kitchen or a colorful backsplash. This space created by Anna Carin Design is a beautiful blend of playful and elegant elements.

live-edge dining table for kitchen

Elements such as a live-edge dining table and exposed beams with organic shapes and details have the ability to make any space feel warm and welcoming while also adding a slight hint of rustic charm to it. That’s what happened here. The kitchen blends these elements with simplistic lines but also with subtle industrial touches.

Concrete contemporary kitchen design

In the case of a modern or contemporary kitchen where everything is perfectly smooth, aligned and regular, the elements previously mentioned take different forms. For example, they become bar stools with sculptural or graphical frames or pendant lamps with simple but quirky designs, elements used here by Justine Hugh-Jones.

Modern kitchen with a wood color for cupboards

But not all modern kitchens use such faint colors, neutral palettes and minimalistic forms. Some prefer a more striking design, making the most of the materials and elements involved. Strong wood tones are sometimes mixed with metallic details, graphical patterns and bold accent colors.

Runarchitecture kitchen design

When floor space is limited, there’s not much room for creativity when it comes to wall décor and other similar details. A small kitchen has to be, first of all, functional. RunArchitecture shows how you can achieve that without neglecting style by featuring here a kitchen with an interesting ceiling turned into a focal point.

Describe the kitchen dining area

A good term which can describe the kitchen and dining space designed by Nightwood is “unpretentious”. This is a casual design approach which makes use of old and repurposed elements, making them a part of a new and unique composition where old and new dialogue in a very beautiful way.

Vertical wood stripes beadboard walls

Vertical stripes are known to help make a space appear bigger, more exactly to seem to have a higher ceiling. The strategy was subtly used by Jim Stephenson when designing this kitchen. The pitched roof definitely gives the space a cozy feel and the thin wood panels used on the walls and furniture combined with the light palette diminish the lack of comfort caused by it.

Camille Hermande kitchen design

A room can feel very cold uninviting if it lacks the accent elements needed to change that. A kitchen with minimalist furniture, shiny finishes and neutral colors needs things like a textured area rug or some wood accents to feel warm and comfortable. Camille Hermande Architectures illustrates this beautifully.

Summer kitchen design with built in space for shelves

In this kitchen by Summer Thornton Design we get to discover multilayered look defined by interesting combinations of materials, finishes and colors. Together, all these elements create a masculine look with lots of character but one which doesn’t lack the warmth of a family space.

Tiny kitchen design

Even a tiny kitchen like the one designed by Karin Matz Arkitekt can be inspiring and intriguing in its own way. This is a kitchenette placed in a nook, with useful storage found in bottom cabinets and which only includes the basics such as a stove top and a sink.

Brie williams kitchen design with farm house sink

Brie Williams chose to put an emphasis on texture when designing this eclectic kitchen. The farmhouse sink matches the dark counter and there’s also similarity between the distressed cabinetry and the white-painted brick wall. The open shelves offer room for pots and pans, allowing them to be showcased for increased character overall.

Simplicity kitchen design

To ensure a continuous and simplistic look uninterrupted by open shelves and exposed counter space, Nexus Designs chose to hide this kitchen’s sink with pocket doors. When open, they also reveal a pair of open shelves. The rest of the time they keep the kitchen looking clean and fresh.

kitchen enclosed by a glass shell

When envisioning an open floor plan kitchen, we often disagree with the concept because of the lack of boundaries between the spaces and the fact that smells and sound can penetrate the lounge area, decreasing comfort. Gregoire De Lafforest shows us here a potential solution: a kitchen enclosed by a glass shell.

White cabinets kitchen design

We don’t usually think much about the tiles we use to cover the kitchen walls with. However, the pattern in which they are placed, their shape and color can have a big influence on the room’s overall décor and ambiance, like Charles Mellersh very well shows it with this simplistic design.

Pattern chevron kitchen floor with oversized pendant lamps

In the same way, the flooring chosen for the kitchen can impact the space on a large scale. A vivid and graphical pattern can easily overwhelm the space. It’s why it would be best to keep everything else as simple and basic as possible.

Dark neutral color palette for kitchen

There are plenty of ways in which to work with a neutral color palette based for example of shades of gray without making the space feel monotonous. A suggestion can be to use decorative painting or to give the walls a textured look. At the same time, mixing and matching different materials can have a similar impact on the interior design.

Chic and fun feminine decor

This is a kitchen that looks chic, fun, stylish and bohemian, including a diversity of interesting details such as the colorful painting displayed on the kitchen wall or the pastel pink refrigerator, both being unexpected elements for this space. Josephine Interior Design also played with various styles and materials in this case.

Larger kitchen island with seating

The kitchen island can sometimes be more than that. It’s possible to make it a part of the home’s structure, treating as a major element and not just another piece of furniture. Iphigenie Soldatos Architecte did that by allowing the island to be connected to the ceiling and to become a robust barrier between the kitchen and the rest of the floor plan.

Brown leather furniture for dining table and white kitchen

Cluster chandeliers which incorporate multiple globe pendant light are versatile enough to make any space stand out. You can see one here used for a kitchen and dining space. Both spaces benefit from the light offered by the chandelier as well as its visual impact on the décor. This kitchen was designed by Catlin Stothers.

Open space kitchen with hanging storage for pots

Finding a kitchen that’s perfectly accessorized is challenging and difficult. This one, however, comes pretty close to that goal. This is a kitchen which blends a variety of individually interesting elements into a design that also looks great as a whole.

Memorable kitchen that stand out

If you want to make your kitchen stand out and be memorable, a simple suggestion is to use a bold and unexpected color. For example, a dark shade of pink could get you the look you want. Don’t worry about making the space look too girly or childish. As you can see here, this color looks awesome when mixed with wood tones.

Feldman Architecture Kitchen

A kitchen can also be memorable without needing strong colors to boost its look. Simplicity can be interesting too. And when the design is simple, you can focus more on the form, the texture, the materials and the way in which they are displayed and combined. Such a process was followed by Feldman Architecture when designing this modern kitchen.

Kitchen with character

A kitchen character can be boosted through small details such as a bar stool that doesn’t match the others, a wall covered in patterned wallpaper or a cabinet with quirky hardware. So find your own way of playing with your kitchen’s design and explore the possibilities.

White kitchen design with built in appliances

Making a kitchen feel inviting and comfortable is a complex task. There are many design strategies which can be used. Color can help but if you also want to maintain an airy and open feel, white is your best choice. So consider a cozy window seat and a U-shaped design which offers privacy and comfort.

Exposed bricks wall

It’s important to think outside the box if you want your kitchen to be special and tailored to your own needs. What might work for most people may not be right for you. For example, the usual kitchen island design might not suit your long and narrow kitchen but one which has open shelves wrapped around it might. Cloud Studios came up with such a design for this kitchen.

Built in shelves with an industrial style

This is another outside the box kitchen but this time the design approach was quite different. In this case the décor has an artistic side, including carefully chosen wall decorations and accessories. The two main styles that meet here are rustic and industrial.

Colorful mosain in the kitchen with haipin legs

If you love color, don’t be afraid to use it. However, don’t exaggerate. A colorful and cheerful kitchen could look something like this, being both fun and simple. The island can have a boldly-colored base and a simplistic top and the same color can be reiterated elsewhere in the form of small appliances or decorations.

Dining table instead of kitchen island

Using a dining table instead of a kitchen island can prove to be beneficial in several different contexts. In this particular case, this combination brings the two individual spaces closer together and this way their designs share similar characteristics.

Creativity knows no limits on the kitchen

Creativity knows no limits. That’s why there’s an infinity of possible designs to choose from for a single space such as the kitchen. Everyone envisions their ideal kitchen in a different way and each time there’s one particular element that seems to prevail. In this case that role is performed by the playful way in which the cords of the pendant lamps are arranged.

Wood kitchen cupboards
Wood and marble kitchen design

There are cases when everything seems to fall in place perfectly. This kitchen could be as an example for that. Just look how perfect the balance is between the organic pattern of the wood and the white surfaces, between the marble counter and the textured area rug.{found on Ashley Capp}.

Bohemian kitchen layout

This kitchen is a celebration of the imperfect. This is a design that doesn’t wish to be perfect, doesn’t use clean lines and angles, perfectly aligned surfaces and carefully-planned details. However, this doesn’t make it any less difficult to achieve.

White cabinets kitchen design

The white cabinets mixed with a black counter top represent just the base for the design of this stylish country kitchen. Add to that the refreshing and calming blue details, the casual chairs, the striped area rug and the curious dog and you get the image of a lovely family home full of great stories and charming memories.

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